8 secrets of successful Facebook advertising

3 min read
25 October 2018

Facebook algorithms are changing constantly, that’s why even the basic principles of dealing with advertising need to be revised and “refreshed”. Here are 8 tips on how to advertise on Facebook efficiently without boosting your budget.

1. Optimize settings If in the beginning you have low reach, check your advertising settings. Facebook requires about 50 conversions during the first 7 days to interact with an advertisement efficiently. Check Ads Manager: if you find out that your advertising has less than 50 conversions, optimize the link clicking settings instead of conversions.

2. Remember your purposes The importance of advertising directly depends on the target page. Make sure that you have all to hold the attention of visitors and keep them interested. Otherwise, your advertisements will work in vain. People will go to your page and leave it shortly afterwards, disappointed.

Design the target page so that your customers immediately understand what to do to buy goods or a service.

3. Use action verbs Call your customers to action and be positive. Try to use “strong” and “energetic” words like “start”, “act”, “find”, “study”, “discover”. If you want to increase the number of your followers and buyers, do not hesitate to post something like “buy now”, “register” “press here”— these simple phrases spur to act on the spot.

4. Expand the scope of your activity When you create advertising, select the Expand Targeting option— this way Facebook will find more users like those you opted in the Interesting section.

It will not only allow you to cover larger audience, but also increase the potential number of conversions without spending much money on it.

By the way, if you have your followers on your mail contact list, you can upload it to Facebook to find the existing customers — https://www.facebook.com/business/help/170456843145568.

5. Create a beautiful visual design Human eyes detect the most attractive content within less than 3 seconds. The more aesthetic, bright, and original images are, the more visible you are for your potential customers. Do not save on design: stingy always pays twice.

  • Try to mix texts with nice-looking pictures, screens, and modules.
  • Use only good quality photos.
  • Do not forget about gifs or short videos. Any animated picture will always “beat” a static one.

6. Be short and precise Very few people read long texts. Write your posts so that they can be looked through in one glance. Lev Tolstoy’s manner is not popular on Facebook, and longreads will not bring you money and success.

According to the research, posts which contain less than 50-80 characters get higher reach.

N.B.: If it is not necessary, do not use slang, technical terms or any other expressions that the wide audience may not understand, the text must be as clear as day.

7. Monitor mobile clicks Even if your campaign is only for those who use PC, Facebook recommends to install Facebook Software Development Kit in the mobile app. It will give you the opportunity to collect more data about customers and gradually expand your business.

8. Think one step ahead Before launching a campaign, think about what your target audience should do after seeing your advertisements. Then make this action as convenient for your customers as possible. Test the scheme on yourself, colleagues and friendly users who see your advertising for the first time.

And remember: one advertisement is not enough. Your advertisements should resemble dandelion seeds which are numerous and can fly with the wind for long distances. Make a separate advertisement for each purpose. Use your imagination, analyze, make experiments.

We wish you the highest reach!