A story of one Instagram. Angela Liddon

2 min read
18 August 2016

We continue the rubric “a story of one Instagram”, in which we tell about interesting accounts of the popular social network. This time the story is about a vegetarian Instagram from Angela Liddon. According to analytics for Instagram at the beginning of 2016 Angela’s Instagram had more than 350 000 followers.

Vegetarianism is not a new topic, but always relevant. There are more than 100,000 accounts on Instagram, the content of which is devoted to the refusal of meat food. 90% of these accounts are the publics and bots which steal content from websites. Meaning that people using auto schedule Instagram posts fill their Instagram account by other people’s pics in one day for a month. This scheme is often rather effective. But we’re not talking about this. We are talking about Angela Liddon’s unique approach.

Angela is a beautiful girl, a vegetarian, a brilliant cook. In her account she promotes that a meal without meat is not only healthy, but also delicious. Not to say that it looks like a blog of recipes. Angela doesn’t overload readers with long stories about the mystery of the preparations.

The success of Angela’s account is the intersection of cooking and life. The subscribers follow not only her dishes, but also personal lyrics.

It is very important for readers to trust the author as a living person. In the era of Instagram-communities - this theme comes out on top.

As it was already said – Angela’s Instagram is not loaded with recipes. Most often it is photos of the finished dishes or gastronomic combinations. At the same time all dedicated people are able to see the recipes on Angela’s personal website. Such statistics can be the envy of many cooking websites.

And, of course, Angela is on the crest of the cool wave. With the advent of video capabilities on Instagram, she began to upload video posts that explain the stages of cooking vegetarian dishes.

P.S. Surprisingly, Angela Liddon does not indulge readers with frequent posts on Instagram. That does not adversely affect her popularity. She understands that everything here is exactly the same as with cooking extravagant meals - if they are made very often, people will simply stop being amazed.

And we are fully confident that the most famous vegan cook leads her Instagram with schedule Instagram posts from a computer. After all, successful people save their time.