A story of one Instagram. Charity: water.

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18 March 2016

With this material we begin our “One Instagram account story” column. Here we will talk about interesting accounts that have chosen the path of original content. Content marketing is a must for the success of your Instagram. Instagram managers, scheduled posts on Instagram, schedule video on Instagram - these are tools that help you save your personal time. Content is the basis of any account.

First in line is Instagram account of a social organization “Charity:water”. This is a non-governmental charitable organization aimed to provide people in developing countries with clean drinking water.

According to the statistics, 80% of serious illnesses in Africa are associated with consuming contaminated water. Money collected by the Fund allows to design and implement sources of clean potable water in developing countries. Currently more than 17,000 projects in 24 African countries have been financed.

The project team consists not only of professional engineers who produce new points of water supply, but also of designers who have amazing influence on the project. The visual part is half the success of the project. The simpler the information is presented to the target user (large investor or someone who is willing to donate some money), the more effective the work of the nonprofit fund is.

Great design and good photo are the foundation of success of the “Charity:water” Instagram account. Posts are uploaded not so often here, just once a day. The main theme of the messages is introduction to the problem of lack of clean drinking water and calling for help. So bit-by-bit every week the project designs at least one source of clean water. The results can be seen on their official website.

When we talk about charity and children, the sentimentality of the content is another necessary condition. What is very important is that you can find references to specific people (which help by word or deed) on Instagram. It is known, that such celebrities as Alyssa Milano, Adam Lambert and Felix Kjellberg support the project.

P.S. “Charity:water” account is a perfect example of the correct positioning in social networks. The main goal of the project is to attract charitable funds, and the project team copes with this task very well. Needless to say, this team of professionals is familiar with such terms as Instagram Analytics, manage Instagram posts and schedule post on Instagram.

Among other Instagram accounts of public organizations we should highlight the accounts of UN, The Children’s Rights Movement and Greenpeace.