All in one. Why you can stay online on Facebook forever

3 min read
17 April 2019

Facebook is created for virtual communication but how convenient it is to work there! It is a real treasury for businesspeople (especially for those who understand the power of human communication and the speed of social media).

So, this is why running a business on Facebook is very beneficial.

First, it’s free. Once again: it’s FREE. Your inner economist will like this advantage for sure. You can take your advantage while Zuckerberg is kind enough to allow you to do it. There is nothing permanent in this world, but now you can use Facebook for free, and it is wonderful.

Second, Facebook can tell about you to lots of people quickly and easily. The Share button has already done magic many times making businessmen and their customers from all over the world meet each other. One viral post — and you are on top even if you did not invest a cent in advertising.

There is the only thing to do here — make your audience share posts. We promise to pay more attention to viral sharing in the near future. And now do not be shy to ask your customers to make reposts right in the texts of their publications. The call-to-action method is maybe as old as humanity, but it still works perfectly.

Third, you can check-in on Facebook. If you create a check-in deal on your account, you can easily and unobtrusively advertise your services. For example, for a check-in deal, you can offer discounts to those who are your customer for the 1st or even 10th time.

Forth, do you like the words “profitable” and “multifunctional”? We do. And this issue has everything to do with Facebook live streams. Live videos are always on top of the feed and you can find them easier than common posts. Show your audience the working process and the backside of your business, and you will get a thousand of new happy followers.

Fifth, over 2 billion people from all around the world are online on Facebook daily. These two billion people every day needs someone: psychologists, stylists, copywriters, massage specialists, sommeliers, chefs, and very many other people. Somebody needs your goods or services right now very urgently. So, make posts regularly to stay in sight.

Sixth, it is very convenient to create event announcements on Facebook. Add a small contest to your announcement, promise a prize for reposts — and you can already find yourself on top of the news feed forgetting the times when you got just 3 likes or so.

Seventh, here you can find fertile ground for self-development without fail. You can take an educational course at any time or even hire a personal coach. What do you want to learn: write posts which help in selling, apply SMM skills, build your own brand, or take pictures the way it will make your goods be sold like hot cakes? You can find all this and even more on Facebook.

Eighth, here you can write a post to ask for help and get feedback immediately. You can even raise money in a critical situation.

And, finally. You can discretely watch your competitors “from an ambush”: explore accounts and study new trends, features and sales methods. Healthy competition betters the world.

By the way, you should be closer not only to competitors but to customers as well. The shorter the distance between you is, the better. If you explore accounts properly, study the data, and watch the statistics, you will be able to identify lots of needs which may help you sell, even what your audience eats for breakfast and what music listens to. You can easily understand what to do with it after that — satisfy these needs with your brilliant posts.

And you can do all this just by switching on your laptop or putting your smartphone out of the pocket. Legally, quickly, free. God save Facebook!