Best apps and SMM services for a digital marketer

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2 June 2022

For Instagram

Facebook Ads

The most convenient way to see how your targeting performs is to go to Facebook Ads. It is more convenient than on Instagram as there is no division between organic and paid reach.


LiveDune is a service where you can use different ways to track your insights. It is a paid app, but the price is very affordable. If you want to promote on Instagram, LiveDune is just for you as it allows you to monitor insights and draw conclusions based on them. You can see what posts work well; if you are growing and your reach is high or not; who your audiences are; and when they watch your content.


ThrendHERO will be helpful to those who work with bloggers and buy branded content from creators. With the help of this platform, you will be able to choose, analyze, and verify accounts. If you want to buy advertising from a blogger — use TrendHero before that without fail. The service is not free, but it will pay off as you are sure that bloggers have genuine views, good reach, and engaged audiences.

InTags and HashtagExpert

InTags is a convenient and free Android app for hashtags. HashtagExpert is an alternative for iPhone users.

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Top10 products and solutions for social media management

SMM services today provide tools that allow you to reduce SMM costs and, at the same time, influence the user’s decision to purchase a product.

Apps for content editing


It is a free app, and there are a lot of Lightroom guides on the internet with helpful information about the app and its functionality. You will be able to improve any image in five clicks.


To create a short video, edit Stories, trim a video, and cut a frame, use the InShot app. It is available for both Android and iPhone.


AdobePremierePro is one of the most famous and convenient tools for video editing if your projects involve some complexity. It will be helpful if you need to edit a long video, apply complicated effects, trim, edit, make color adjustments, generate voiceover, add subtitles, or edit the sound. The app is subject to payment, but it is worth every penny if you edit videos often.


If you need to create an advertising banner with pop-up images, clues, or text, or you need to create an animated video, use Supa. It is a simple and convenient tool for creating animated videos in a couple of clicks with various effects, pop-up texts, and changing slides.


FrameLab will allow you to create a time-lapse video on your phone.

Business tools


Tilda is an advanced but, at the same time, simple and convenient tool that will allow you to create different types of websites: promo pages, landing pages, tap links, small online shops, business cards, catalogs, portfolios, galleries, etc.


Use SendPulse for mailouts. For a start, you can use a free subscription which has a limit of 1000 email addresses.


Miro is an infinite virtual board where you can draw, use stickers, sketch, attach images and leave notes. You can also handwrite and connect flows with arrows.


Trello is a project management tool where you can create task lists and manage content. For example, you run an SMM project, and you have an SMM specialist, photographer, copywriter, content manager, and targetologist working on it. You can add all your team members to the Trello board to facilitate content planning and production.

Google Drive or Yandex. Disk

Both Google Drive and Yandex. Disk are cloud services where you can store all your files that you need to access from different devices: mobile phone, laptop, computer. It is a very convenient way of working with files. It is an efficient method to keep all the working files online using cloud services: text documents, spreadsheets, images, creatives, and logos. You won’t lose if something happens to your phone or computer. You will always have access to your information wherever you are. If you need to share a document, PDF file, or a spreadsheet, it is always easier to share a link to a Google Spreadsheet or Google Document than send a file by email or messenger.

YouTube and VKontakte


vidIQ is a pretty helpful service if you work with YouTube. With the help of this service, you choose tags, optimize videos, track competitors, find topics for your videos, and discover trends. You will also learn how to improve statistics and discover new opportunities for content creation and video optimization. It is impossible to create content for YouTube without using vidIQ. You will have to buy a vidIQ subscription if you work with YouTube.

Google Trends and Yandex WordStat

These two services help discover how people word their search requests, what bothers them, and how many users search for particular topics, words, and word combinations. will be relevant for you if you use VKontakte. It is a parsing service with the help of which you can collect, analyze, and save any audience. It is a multi-purpose service that allows you to find anyone using requests, filters, and topics. It is a tool for searching audiences for advertising on VKontakte.


Bitly allows you to shorten your link. You can also check the number of clicks for this link. It doesn’t only allow you to customize the link, but it also provides you with counter functionality — it is helpful for posting adverts in groups, communities, and websites.

VK Admin

VK Admin is a helpful service if you work with VKontakte groups and launch adverts there. Here you can manage your adverts, start and pause them and reply to messages in groups.

Bonus: Telegram bot services


SaveAsBot is a tool for downloading content from Instagram. It can be an image, video, or any similar images. You send a link to a particular post to the bot, and it downloads a text, image, or video for you.


Text4InstaBot is for adding line breaks for texts. You send the text, and the bot service returns it for you with line breaks optimized for Instagram. It also counts the number of characters and hashtags. It is a very helpful bot that helps work with text and makes it legible, well-structured, and not stringing for the eyes.