Chatbots for businesses: how to use and get the most out of it

4 min read
1 September 2023

AI systems never get bored answering the same question again, but customer support specialists do. Scripts and memorized answers may be tiresome. Let us tell you how you can benefit from using chatbots on Telegram, Facebook, and your company website.

What are the pros of chatbots for businesses?

The main advantages that chatbots can give you are as follows:

— ** Customer engagement growth:** chatbots show a much higher response rate versus e-mails. Studies show an average engagement rate of 10% and 3% respectively. This rate is measured by CTR metrics.

24/7 real time support: almost half of the Internet users expect to get a reply from customer care service within a 5-minute span. Chatbots are perfect for automated replies.

Personalized customer experience: You can set up chatbots for different customer groups. For example, you can specify the ‘New’ or ‘Refused to purchase’ segments. Your chatbot will automatically identify your customers, address them by name, and send personalized messages to them.

Automated sales: You can use text chatbots for marketing purposes, ad campaigns on social media, or lead generation. Such chatbots will improve your customer communication throughout the whole sales process.

Operational costs cut: chatbots for businesses show a high return on investments. А recent Business Insider report shows that by 2024 consumer spending with the help of chatbots will be about $142 billion.

Let’s look closer at how chatbots can be integrated into your business. Here are some examples:

1. Chatbots for call centers: get the answer to FAQ any time round-the-clock

LiveChat is one of the most popular apps for this type of work

Hi! Try rebooting the system, please. Such type of an answer is a thing of the past. There is no excuse for any company to reply to their users in a manner like that today. Moreover, a waiting client tends to look around and become a client of another company. Don’t lose your customers.

A 24/7 chatbot will answer the same questions over and over again. Such chatbots need no extensive corporate training on customer care.

2. Customer data and feedback collection

Chatbots know how to collect feedback from your clients over the conversation by doing it passively or actively in the form of polls as opposed to traditional feedback tools like Qualtrics alternatives.

Passive ways to collect feedback may be invisible to the users — for example, chatbots may denote the phrases your customers say the most frequently. An active way to collect feedback is to ask direct questions.

Both approaches are extremely helpful to apply for your audience study: you will know what your customers want and what they think of your brand. Be careful with the wording of each message, as words denote the data collection results.

3. Lower cart abandonment rate

Chatbots for online stores are a big-ticket item as they can lower the number of abandoned carts by offering your customers personalized aid over the whole purchase process.

Customers may abandon their shopping carts for many reasons — for example, they have to take too many actions to go to the final step, or the purchase process becomes too complicated.

If a customer needs additional information to decide, your chatbot may offer help or some recommendations to finalize the purchase.

4. A/B tests

Companies use chatbots to test various types of messages and to find the ones that give the best performance. You can do an A/B test with the help of chatbots showing your customers different types of communication.

Here are some metrics that might be good to monitor while you do an A/B test of your chatbot messages:

  • Activation speed or how long it takes for your customer to reply to your chatbot message.
  • Automation level or the ability of your chatbot to solve issues without human involvement.
  • Retention efficiency or the number of visitors who come back to the chatbot over a set period.

5. Business cost optimization

CX Trends Report shows that 68% of professionals percept AI systems and chatbots as a tool to cut costs for businesses soon.

Chatbots for customer service require investments, but they will definitely save you money later. Chatbots solve simple issues, guide conversations into a subject, and help analyze your audience.