Deleting bots on Instagram: how to protect your account

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12 January 2022

What is the purpose of bot attacks, and how do they work?

There is a tremendous number of websites where you can purchase fake accounts. It’s easy, fast, and cheap. And it is not necessary to know the account login and password to attack it using bots. You can leave a request to purchase bots for any Instagram account on any bot selling website.

Why users do it and how does it work:

  1. Instagram can completely block any account due to purchasing fake followers.
  2. This may completely kill your coverage. Instagram sees that a bunch of bots is added. It seems that they do not view or watch your content. According to Instagram algorithms, it means that you are creating some fishy content, so your profile should not appear on the feed.

Thus, angry users use bots to block other accounts or spoil statistics.

What to do if bots come to your account

Of course, the first step is to contact Facebook technical support (Meta). But the worst thing is that it is impossible to protect your account from such a cheat in any way. Instagram does not have such features either.

What answer the most likely you will get:

  • you can either change your nickname because all procedures are connected with it
  • or make your account private so that only those you allow can follow you.

Nevertheless, neither option is suitable for commercial accounts. You are unlikely to change your nickname because you add specific links to your Instagram account on other platforms. And you cannot close it either, because you will lose statistics. And, in general, commercial accounts cannot be private.

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How to use hashtags on Instagram and avoid being shadowbanned

It is easy to understand: hashtags work on Instagram.

How to delete bots using additional services

You can manually delete bots or use some programs. But, of course, this is pointless and long work. You cannot unfollow or delete a thousand people in one day on your own.

There are special programs for removing bots, but it is not safe to use them.

Instagram will perceive the activity of such programs as if someone uses an application with an IP address different from yours and constantly presses buttons at a particular frequency, follows a person every five seconds, and this all repeats every day. Some services allow you to schedule, for example, the removal of 150 people a day. Such a service will automatically do this in the next five weeks. But Instagram sees that every day from an IP address that you do not use and from which there is no activity, the program starts and seems to press a button: unfollow, unfollow, unfollow. It all includes similar timing, frequency, and the number of people. Naturally, the social network understands that the robot is doing this, not you. And this is, at least, wrong and contrary to all the rules of Instagram. It means that the social network can block your account for suspicious activity. Therefore, we do not recommend using services and programs for deleting bots.

Let’s summarize

What should you do? Well, nothing. Just accept the fact that now the statistics are not so good: there are a lot of followers, and those who read, like, and comment are fewer. Bots will gradually unfollow automatically — some of them will get blocked by Instagram.

The main thing is to stay an excellent blogger and continue to create good quality content calmly. And do not forget to contact support as soon as you notice many bots on your account.