Giveaways and their potential danger for your account

4 min read
30 December 2021

What are giveaways?

Giveaway is not a draw or contest game among your followers who can potentially get a bonus from you and improve your statistics on Instagram by participating.

When you run a giveaway, you pay money to the organizer. The person organizing a giveaway offers prizes such as a mobile phone, camera, or even a food box (don’t be surprised) and asks people to follow their sponsors. As you are one of the sponsors — people will start following you just to unfollow you after the giveaway.

The aftermaths

The crucial thing when you run an Instagram account is strategy. You should ask yourself why you are doing it. If you have a blog sooner or later, you will start making money on advertising if you have a lot of followers.

If you don’t have your own product, there is an important question you should ask yourself. What is the aim of your Instagram?

Strategy is not only posts you should publish next month, but also particular actions that should bear specific results.

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Instagram statistics from scratch

When it comes to Instagram promotion, you should know how to create posts, set up targeting, run ads, and what is more important - analyze the results.

That is why you shouldn’t take part in any giveaways if you don’t know what the blog is for and how to deal with your audience. In any case, if 5000 people have followed you for the last two weeks, be ready to see 1500 unfollowing you soon and even more people in the next couple of months.

You can expect to see 70-80% of people unfollowing you after a giveaway because they only followed you to win the prize.

Is it worth participating in giveaways?

When you start losing followers, you have to either buy another giveaway to compensate for the difference, which is quite common these days, invest heavily in the target promotion, or buy advertising from other bloggers. In general, you will need to do something to attract new followers to keep your numbers steady.

If you’ve already bought a giveaway, the next step will be to buy another giveaway or launch advertising so that it pays off and you benefit from it. Maybe before buying the first one, you should consider if it is worth it.

Maybe it will be a good idea to calculate the cost of a single follower and the cost of your client and spend the money you have on targeted advertising.

It can be a good idea to work with targetologists who are skilled at setting your advertising to make it reach your target audience. It will most likely be more expensive than an average giveaway, but at least you will know how much money you have spent, how many people have followed you, who these people are, and what interests they have. You will also learn what the product that made them interested was. You will have the statistical insights for all the people who interacted with your account.

If you are a blogger and you make money by selling advertising in your blog, you still need to know if it is the only thing you want to make money on. Even if you are happy with the state of things, run a blog about everything, and sell advertising in your blog, you still need to have a strategy.

Just do a simple calculation to see how many giveaways you need to buy to have enough followers and still have attractive content to make your blog attractive to potential advertisers.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to build a catchy blog that will be interesting to advertisers with giveaways.


Most likely, giveaways are not something you would like to spend your money on.

However, if you still decide to participate in a giveaway, you need to have a clear vision of how it will work. It is necessary to think of what audiences will follow you, what activities you will run on your blog at that time, how much it will cost you to keep your numbers steady, and what strategy you will have after because you will definitely need one when a giveaway is over.