Horrible Passengers

2 min read
19 January 2018

American stewardess Shawn Kathleen owned an account in which she showed the disgusting habits of airline passengers. In the pictures posted at @passengershaming she shows passengers stretching their legs by placing their feet on the headrests of passengers seated in front of them, secretly watching porn, engaging in acrobatic yoga in the aisle, littering and even having sex.

Kathleen’s account quickly became popular. Today, it has more than 604 thousand followers. Such popularity cost her her job. The airline fired her for allegedly improper behavior and disrespect for the privacy of passengers. Now Kathleen works developing her Instagram account, publishing photos and videos which are sent to her by her colleagues.

In the photos, a unique feature of American passengers is noticeable – support for animals. In the United States, people who are emotionally unstable are allowed to board with animals that support them. Support animals include ponies, chickens and even big pigs.