How to become popular on TikTok: trends, popular challenges, and video editing

3 min read
23 June 2021

Key trends on TikTok

Daily views

To keep up with the trends, you have to spend at least one hour on TikTok. Once you notice a new trend, don’t hesitate to make a video – preferably on the same day or the following day and publish in the best time to post on TikTok.

If you have few followers, posting trendy videos won’t bring much effect. You need to make funny videos or think of an unexpected ending. This way, you will be more likely to get to the top. However, there are already many TikTok users with numerous followers who get to the top quite quickly when they release a new video.

Video captions

Captions work rather well on TikTok because they spark people’s interest. The caption “Watch till the end” is quite effective because everybody wants to see something funny and unexpected.


K-pop is a famous music genre from Korea. BTS is the most popular K-pop band with lots of followers, and it’s all over TikTok. Videos with pictures of the band members and their music tend to get very successful on TikTok.

Video editing trend on TikTok

You can edit your videos on TikTok yourself — it is rather convenient: there are masks, jump cuts, tools for speeding your videos up or slowing them down.

The only drawback is that the quality is not the greatest. It is ok for TikTok, but too poor if you upload your video on Instagram.

That is why we recommend downloading the video from TikTok first. Next, you should extract music via InShot and add it to the video. Inshot Pro has a lot of transition options and other tools. The free version also allows you to edit videos but without any special features.

Videoleap App has a chroma key feature: you can add different elements to the green screen. There is also a twin feature. Recent videos featuring a couple of your twins simultaneously doing different things tend to get very popular.

Popular challenges

  1. The most popular format on TikTok is humorous videos and short sketches. Add hashtags and tag the person who started the challenge – by doing so, you increase your chances to get to the recommendation page.
  2. Video clips to popular songs. Make sure to tag the artist so that they can repost you.
  3. Sketches about relationships: girlfriend-boyfriend, mother-child, sister-brother.
  4. Backstage. It is a distinctive trend on TikTok. You first show lifehacks and then film backstage to reveal the production process. A backstage video may get even more views than a lifehack video.
  5. Quick change of clothes which is simply a video jump cut.

You can learn new video hacks on TikTok or YouTube. Just type “tutorial on TikTok” in the search field.