How to gain new followers through content?

2 min read
29 July 2021

Why do people share helpful content and free products on social media? You can find lots of free content online: educational courses, programs, apps, movies, and so much more. Why are there so many free products, and how can you make money on them?

The easiest way to earn trust

Free products are popular these days because the users want to try them first and evaluate their utility: how they work and whether they are practical or not. After that, they can make a purchase decision.

That is how the whole IT world operates these days. Take a look at mobile apps, computer games, programs, Internet services, educational platforms, and various courses. Nowadays, almost every company has a free trial period product allowing the users to test it. For example, you can listen to Spotify for one month for free, watch Netflix, and download games. There are tons of free mobile apps. All these services also offer paid products.

First, you invest in promoting your accounts, provide qualitative content, and generate value. Next, you gain profit.

However, there is one essential condition to consider: free products should be genuinely useful and qualitative. It shouldn’t be a cheap substitution for a well-developed product.

You should give 25 minutes of helpful content to be immediately applied, improving the users’ lives and providing a solution based on their pain points. Such content can be easily put into practice, making the users benefit from it. Only after that, during the last 5 minutes of your presentation, you can casually mention that you also run a paid educational course.

When you do social media marketing or work on different projects, think of potential free products that can improve the users’ lives. It doesn’t have to be free content. It can be a free tester or a free first massage session. Gift boxes or mini testers of your products are nice, too. Encourage the users to try your product.

The users are usually grateful; a good deed never gets wasted, so they will return to you if your service benefits them. It works well on YouTube, Instagram, and other social media, as well as in digital marketing in general. Do something helpful for the users, and they will start buying services from you.