How to get paid on the Internet: a couple of tips to find a side job

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9 October 2018

Irony, provocation, good tips.

When some people hear someone else say “I earn money on the Internet”, they start imagining that money is paid just for surfing Facebook. So, it is not true — we know exactly how to get paid on the Internet and are ready to share the secrets of success with you. Here are some ways to become richer without leaving your home.


Did you like writing essays at school? Do you have a university degree in journalism? Everybody dreamed of becoming spacemen but you always wanted your name to be typed in gold in the flyleaf? If you answer “yes” to all these questions, swell the ranks of copywriters, rewriters and writers of all kinds.

From now on, your direct chat will get “swollen” with messages like: “The article is great, but it doesn’t suit us”, «Can you rewrite the third paragraph once more, please?”, “I was told that you are an excellent author and a responsible person, but your granny is dying for some reason for the third time this week, and your dog is suspiciously keen on eating your drafts.”

But there is good news: your wallet will also get swollen (with money) because not every person can write well and snappily.

Sell your services

This is very simple. Are you a psychologist? Great! It is autumn now, so you can scare everyone with seasonal affective disorder, the incomplete gestalt, catharsis, and other smart talk. Anyway, very few people will Google the meaning of all this.

Maybe you are a massage therapist? In this case you can post pictures of people overcome with bliss and shiny with oil. Capture it: “Stress gets stuck in the cervical spine more than anywhere else in your body. If you release it, you will get married (find a job, become a millionaire) immediately.”

Do not be afraid to write about your job — post rave reviews. No rave reviews? No trouble, you can:

  • write them yourself;
  • pay a little money for them to newbie freelancers;
  • copy them from your competitors’ accounts.

Hold online competitions

This is a gold mine. There is nothing much to do. Can you draw well? Make a video of how to draw your morning cup of coffee. Do you have perfect abs? Launch an express course and call it, for example, “Sweetie six-pack abs”. People are crazy about secret skills and knowledge — just promise a key to them.

Do not be hesitant and start making the first tutorial video. Do not think much, or you may get obsessed with your diction, image, and gestures. You should prepare yourself for getting not only positive feedback but also haters’ comments — take them as an incentive to improve yourself.

Make tutorials

For example, on SMM. Anyway, you manage your accounts on social media, so show to others how to do it right. From year to year this way of earning money remains demanded, even highly-demanded.

Create a tutorial account or blog, look smart, and give pieces of advice like this:

  • Watch your followers’ reaction to your posts this week and make a picture of yourself wearing an animal print costume once more.
  • Make a direct message campaign—everybody loves it.
  • The more emojis your posts have—the better!

The main thing is to have more followers than those whom you advise, otherwise people will unfollow you and follow someone else.

And, of course, you can stay up for several nights reading articles like 5-true-ways-to-earn-money-on-Instagram and in the morning come up to your father and ask to give you a job in his company.

By the way, you might have copied this text, reversed a couple of sentences and sold at some freelance exchange instead of just sitting, reading, and smiling. Rewriting will help you spend this Autumn on Bahamas.

Oh, we still have to teach young people everything…