How to live stream for the first time if you are an introvert

3 min read
19 March 2019

First, let’s sort out why live streaming on social media is profitable because we want to inspire you as much as possible to try it:

  • It is a convenient format for your followers — people can watch you and do something else at the same time: pass the time in a traffic jam, wash the dishes or sleep.
  • It is a live broadcast, and people are curious, they cannot wait to know what your life looks like without photoshop.
  • Live events are always on top of the news feed. That’s why some people overuse them and show everything: “Ha-ha! Look, I am at the cinema now, look Momoa is wearing such the nice shorts today! Oh, and who are you? A security guard? No, I was not filming anything on the screen, I was filming myself! Where are you taking me?!” Never do that, because they will either kick you out or arrest for the presumed breach of the copyrights.

So, everybody wins when it comes to live streaming. Have you already decided to try it? Great! Starting is always scary, but we will help you. Do the following:

  1. Focus the camera on yourself and add some nice background: a sunset, a sea, a cat, your yoga coach, your granny’s pie and other priceless things. But it is important to get a sharp focus, otherwise, you will get no likes because nobody wants to see blurred pictures.
  2. While filming, say something, for example, “Hello!”, it will be great. People like it.

If you feel shy, make a beautiful hairdo and put on your best blazer. The desire to boast and to show how happy and well-dressed you are today will win.

Generally, for the first time, it is perfect to live stream from an event, for example, a concert. In this case, you can just wave your hand and cry out loud: “Hey everyone, I am listening to Metallica here!”. You will get no criticism – just approval and envy.

And now all jokes aside, let’s discuss your first live broadcast. It should be short so you do not:

  • Panic and start saying foolish things.
  • Make your audience get tired of you.
  • Feel upset if you get few views;
  • Finally, let anybody manage to spoil your spirits with a bad comment.

Five-ten minutes is quite enough.

To make everything go seamlessly, think about what to say in advance or write the text on a sheet of paper. It will make you self-confident, and your presentation will look well structured.

Idea ?

On Facebook you can create a closed group, invite people who are as shy as you, and then train live streaming in turn. Support helps best of all in such situations. After you have tried to broadcast this way, you are not so scared anymore.

There is another little secret of keeping calm before starting a live stream. Try yoga square breathing: inhale to a count of 4, exhale to a count of 4, and take brakes to a count of four between the inhale and exhale. Try this technique before pressing the record button, and you will get the guaranteed results.


However, the first live stream is not as scary as how you feel after it. You will have to see yourself the way other people see you, hear your own voice and even read the first honest comments. And this is really stressful. But you will undoubtedly do it, remember that not gods make pots.

And now, breath in, breath out, camera, action!