How to promote an Instagram account in 2024: myths and misconceptions

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22 January 2024

Myth 1: Promote button doesn’t work

When you click the Promote button on Instagram, the ad goes to the Ads Manager. You can run ads only by linking Instagram to Facebook and switching to a business account. And the advertising, no matter whether you launch it through the Ads Manager or the “Promote” button, gets into your advertising manager, in the Ads Manager. As a result, advertising works according to the same rules — in one advertising managing space. It doesn’t matter how you launch it — it works according to the same algorithms.

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Myth 2: The name of your advertising account must be the same as the one written on your bank card

Often, users think it is essential to use only a personalized bank card with your name on it and, it must match the account name you will use to launch the advertisement. The Facebook technical support commented on this misconception: it makes no difference which bank card to link. You can use the same bank card on different advertising accounts — there are no restrictions. Also, the name of the cardholder should not match the advertising account. The only thing worth paying attention to is whether your advertising account is blocked or not. If so, your bank card can get on the black list. And then you can no longer use it.

Myth 3: Instagram blocks accounts for using third-party services

Instagram doesn’t block your account if you use reliable and trusted services. For example, a deferred posting service or analytics service. But don’t use the mass following and mass liking apps.

Myth 4: Instagram can put your account to a shadowban

You will not find any official information about the shadowban – neither Instagram nor Instagram managers have such information.

The shadowban usually reaches those profiles engaged in giveaways, cheating, those who use mass-liking, mass-following, mass-commenting, and other mass-automation tools. And here is the answer to the question: “Does a shadowban exist?” There are certain blocks from Instagram for suspicious account activity. For example, quick followers grow. Or, conversely, when you have permanent unfollowing.