How to promote on Instagram and get new followers in 2021: checking 20 tips from YouTube

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3 November 2021

1. Creating high-quality content

It’s not enough to create high-quality content. You can make amazing content, and you will only have 100-200 followers. People will not be able to find out about you and your account. Today it is impossible to get popularity on Instagram without paid promotion.

2. Mutual PR

That is an effective method. It is probably the easiest way to get followers for free now. You can find people with similar interests, accounts similar to yours, have the same target audience so that you can ask them to make a live broadcast with you or an advertisement where you tell about each other.

3. Cheating services

Using services with fake likes or followers, buying bots, buying fake feedback and interactions is dangerous and harmful step. It doesn’t work now. Do not get fooled by videos where bloggers say that you can get real followers from these services. You will only get bots that are fake accounts. And your account can be blocked.

4. Using hashtags

Hashtags work. Many people argue about their effectiveness, but if you check your statistics, you will see that using correct, matching, not excessive hashtags will give you a certain number of profile visits. The only thing is that you cannot control it — it is random. You can’t predict when they will or will not work. You can’t rely only on hashtags, but you can use them as an additional tool.

5. Activity in other authors’ accounts

The fifth popular tip for promoting on Instagram is to put likes, leave comments under other bloggers’ posts. This advice is harmful because it takes a lot of time and effort. This kind of activity does not bring effective results.

6. Publishing content regularly

This advice is dangerous. The amount of content is not as crucial as its quality. You should create only high-quality content.

7. Creating the right profile bio

This advice is good but does not apply to the promotion. It is helpful to design your bio and finish profile editing. But it won’t get your followers. The design of the profile bio is not a method of promotion or of attracting new customers. It only boosts conversions.

8. Setting up targeting

It is the easiest and most effective way to promote your Instagram account. You can purchase an ad, and everything will work well if you have a catchy ad and an attractive profile. This method is not so popular because it is not free.

9. Using other social networks

If you have any other sources, such as YouTube, TikTok, websites, you should use them to promote your Instagram account. It works.

10. Choosing only one topic for your account

It’s effective when you have your niche when you have a specific account topic. How does this help to promote? It doesn’t. The only thing is, it increases conversion when there is particular traffic.

11. Using the unique nickname

The nickname should be simple, easy to read, easy to pronounce so that people can share it, remember it, and find you. Will this help you to promote your account? Not really.

12. Configuring the name for search queries

You can use core queries in the name of your account so they will appear in the search results. But more often, people use search engines instead of Instagram, for example, Google or Yandex. How often do people go to Instagram to search for something? Search engine optimization is good — you can use keywords in the title. But it works when there is search traffic when people search for your topic on Instagram.

13. Posting a lot of stories

If you create stories endlessly, it will rather annoy users. You will lose followers. Remember only high-quality content. No need to spam. It won’t help you to get new followers.

14. Instagram account as a business project

Instagram now is all about money. If you do not have money, it will be quite hard for you to promote your account. If you consider promoting a project on Instagram, think about funding this project, where you can find money to launch advertising and speed up the process.

15. Challenges and contests for followers

You can encourage followers, motivate them to be active, give gifts. But you cannot use this method to promote your account — because if you ask a person to follow your account for the money, for a gift, for some other mercantile reason, he will never become an active follower. He will never be your brand ambassador or your fan because he came only for material gain.

16. Using a personal brand

This method does not give you live followers. If you post your content, talk about yourself, promote your brand through content, this will work only with particular traffic, targeting, advertising from bloggers.

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You must be different from your competitors in your niche.

17. Writing creative texts

The text is crucial and necessary. You need to write meaningful, attractive posts. Sometimes they are long, sometimes not. But this promotion method does not work because now users very rarely share content. They can send it to a couple of friends. But it won’t work for scaling this to a high regular increase when your account grows at a high rate.

18. Advertising from bloggers

Advertising from bloggers works if you buy it from relevant accounts, right bloggers. Remember that you should check them for cheating and fake followers.

19. Mass liking and mass following

It is old and harmful advice. Using mass liking and mass following services when you use bots to like, write comments, and follow, does not work. Just forget about this method.

20. Highlights

Highlights show the topic of your blog, help organize information, and slightly increase your views of stories. But this advice does not affect whether users will follow you or not.

Conclusions on the YouTube tips

  1. YouTube has a lot of old videos with information that is already out of date. Pay attention to the date of publishing the video. Social media is a rapidly evolving system, and if you are watching a video created a year or two years ago, there is a very high chance that the information is out of date and the tips no longer work.
  2. In many videos, there is the advertising of cheating schemes, cheating services, and buying bots. Everywhere bloggers assure that these are genuine followers. Be smarter: you can’t get 10 thousand real followers in 5 hours for 5 cents.
  3. There are many useless bits of advice. The tips are good, but they are more about how to run an account or design it. They say that you need to create good content, that the design is vital, and that you need posts and stories. Do not forget that there are tips helping run an account and mechanisms to give you traffic.

Be smart. Develop critical thinking. Don’t trust the information you watch on YouTube. Use multiple sources. If many different marketers SMM specialists, or bloggers give the same advice, it is worth following it.