How to promote Instagram without investments: 6 ways to gain followers

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19 January 2022

Start TikTok

The first and most obvious way to promote Instagram for free is to start TikTok. TikTok is now a powerful platform where you can do free promotion. Besides, it fits a considerably wide range of topics. You should definitely use TikTok because you can get millions of views there. TikTok has a very active audience that eagerly follows links to websites, other social networks, YouTube, and Instagram. You only need to create excellent content.


The second source of free traffic for your Instagram account is YouTube. Yes, it is necessary to work hard to produce high-quality content there. But if you know how to do the cutting on your own, for example, the investment will be minimal. YouTube has a very fluid audience. It has developed a habit of following links. Post lots of videos, make quality content — and get on YouTube recommendations. Then people will go to your Instagram account using the link in the description.


Reels is a relatively new tool. It represents short videos inside Instagram itself. This tool can really help you get a new fresh audience for free through quality content.

Mutual PR

This is a tricky way, but if you’re lucky, it can definitely bring in a lot of subscribers. What is mutual PR:

  • cross-advertising in Stories;
  • joint live broadcasting;
  • guest posts;
  • joint projects;
  • marathons.

In short, you find like-minded people with a similar audience and status and offer mutually beneficial cooperation.

The disadvantage of this method is that it is rather time-consuming. You need to find, negotiate, meet, convince a person. But if you have a lot of time and little money, use this method for sure. It works.

Viral content

In this method, creativity is crucial — without it, nothing will work. It is vital to make up something that will spread instantly and what people want to share and repost. If you know how to create such content, you have a bright future on Instagram, and millions of followers are already waiting for you.

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Online store on Instagram: get 600,000 followers without targeted ads

Online store on Instagram: 600,000 followers without targeted ads


The same hashtags can work great and increase your reach in some posts. The next time you use the same hashtags. And you see — they do not work anymore. Therefore, it makes no sense to use hashtags as the only source of traffic, customers, and followers, because they work randomly. Hashtags are just an additional tool.