How to start shooting videos for Instagram

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2 March 2022

We are living in the social media era. If you have no social media accounts — and it’s the luxury now and also, an exception.

Currently, people produce content with Instagram and consume much information from it. Those people are bloggers, micro-influencers, videographers, photographers, and others dealing with visual aspects. And Instagram also has shops and restaurants — frankly, almost everybody needs visual content.

And you can help those people with visual content.

Follow trends

It is essential to follow trends and know how the algorithm works — if you want to create attractive and catchy content people like. If you are unaware of how it all works and do not understand what pictures to post, you will face many difficulties — you will be doing something, but you will get no results.

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How to promote an Instagram account in 2022: myths and misconceptions

Myth 1: Promote button doesn’t work

Discuss photoshoots with your customers in advance

You need to discuss all details with your customer before the photoshoot. Talk about posts, colors, atmosphere, message, background, outfits, text, usage, etc.

Essential Instagram content settings

1. Speed

Instagram content changes very quickly — Stories disappear in 24 hours, and nobody will find your picture in two-three days. So, providing photos fast should be your highest priority if you are a photographer. If you are a customer, you should focus on getting pictures as soon as possible.

2. Variety

To create catchy visual content on Instagram, you need to use different angles: a portrait, a life-size picture, photos of your face from different angles. It is also vital to change locations and clothes to use various images of the same photoshoot several times.

3. Сoncept and style compatibility

Do not take photos of a legal specialist near the swimming pool. Texts and photos on your account should be relevant to its concept. That’s why a content plan post topics is essential – it will allow you to understand what pictures you will need soon. If you are a photographer, ask your customer what blogs they like and what they want to focus on. That will help design your account.

4. Stability

If you fail to publish content on Instagram from time, its algorithms don’t like it. If you post something today and tomorrow not, you get the same result – today you have it — and tomorrow not.

What a photoshoot includes

A content photo shoot may include also developing a concept and visual part of your account. Or you can help customers by creating 9-12 posts for them. You also can help with promotion if you are good at it.