How to use comments to promote on Instagram in 2021

4 min read
20 October 2021

Why comments are important

Let’s see why the number of comments is vital, and it is worth paying attention to this indicator. It doesn’t matter if you have an online store, a personal blog, or create expert content. No matter what, comments are crucial for algorithms because Instagram analyzes them to see audience activity and understand the quality of your content.

Comments build trust in your account. People visit your profile and see activity. They see that the account activity and the audience’s interest in your products and content. On the contrary — if there are no comments, it is suspicious. Especially — when you have many followers.

Why people don’t comment on your posts

  1. Because you are not asking them to leave comments. Your content simply does not imply discussion. You don’t ask questions or communicate with the audience.
  2. Your content does not evoke any emotions. People don’t want to share them with you. They have neither a fierce desire to argue with you nor to prove anything to you.

When people are willing to leave comments

  1. Positive motivation. It means making people delighted with what you share with them — your content: a picture, a video, a story, experience, and advice. People want to support you and become a part of your blog.
  2. Negative motivation. When people want to argue with you, debate, and prove their opinion — it seriously increases the reach. Therefore, your content should be emotional.

Emotions are important. They only appear when there is involvement. Therefore, write in such a way that the content touches the audience either positively or negatively.

Cheat comments

Now you can purchase anything: likes, comments, followers. Is there any sense to do this?

No, it doesn’t make any sense either for algorithms or for increasing the credibility of your account. Why?

Instagram algorithms understand that the person has not interacted with your account. Real users come, write a comment, leave. Comments are not vital for Instagram, but the user’s interaction is. Therefore, to increase coverage and algorithms, it makes no sense to cheat comments. It won’t work.

Fake comments are easy to distinguish. You can immediately recognize template comments: emojis, words like “wow,” “super,” and so on. There is no sense in that all — because if the comments are from real people, they are long and meaningful.

As for average, grown-up, and capable of spending money users, their comments are meaningful when they want to tell you something, argue with you, or express their opinion.

How to motivate people to leave comments

  1. Your content must be emotional — no boring, dull, and bland content. You have to evoke emotions. It is the most important thing on social media.
  2. Just ask for feedback. Your content should include questions, disputes, votes, the ability to share and speak up. Or you can ask people to share their stories. But most importantly, the feedback should be simple. Do not ask for an opinion on a sensitive issue. No one will quickly share their emotional experiences with you. But people can support you or answer a question, or share their opinion without any problem. So, call to action.
  3. Start a thread of comments. Nobody likes to be the first to start something. If a user visits a post and sees no comment, they are less likely to leave one. And if they see an existing one, they are more willing to share their own. It is much easier to join than to start something. So think about how to create your first comments. Maybe you have a team, or you will create a chat with a loyal audience. Perhaps, you have fans or ambassadors of your brand or product who always support you. Ideally, it should be like this: you publish a post, and immediately, in the first minutes, a couple of comments appear there. Then everything will work well.