Instagram guides: what they are and how to create them

2 min read
2 September 2021

What is a guide

It is a set of Instagram posts that you can put in the order you want and accomplish them with captions that explain what you are trying to tell. Stepping through a guide, a user can follow a how-to, for example. That is especially useful for experts’ blogs, where their authors can link posts devoted to subjects in their field.

This job used to be done by personal hashtags, but guides can be shared through stories and forwarded to others.

How to add a guide

If you have an iPhone, you need to press the plus icon on the upper left side of your main page. A menu will pop up offering to add posts, stories, etc.

Press “Guide” and “Posts.” That will highlight all publications on your profile, and you can put the checkmarks on those you want to add to the set.

You can select both your publications or those of other people you have saved.

Now give this set a name and choose a cover picture. You can choose either from posts on your profile or those already included in the guide. You can also give names to all of the set and brief descriptions for the publications that comprise it.

Note that you can change the sequence of posts. As for quantity, 5-20 posts per guide is my suggestion, to avoid an overload.

Now press “Share.”

You can share a guide in Instagram Story to let your audience know that you have it.

Types of guides

You can add locations to your guides. For example, if you make restaurant reviews, you can create a guide for restaurants on the same street or restaurants in different cities and add locations.

In countries where shopping tags are available, you can make a product guide. This way, if your store uses shopping tags, you can group products into sections. That simplifies navigating around the store, and when a user visits your page, they can go to the guide they need and get their product there instead of browsing the whole thing.