Instagram made them famous

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15 January 2019

Do you want to post a photo or a video and wake up famous the next day? And this is not a fairy tale. We will show and tell you about people who made it possible.


Nusret Gökçe, 18,2 million followers

He likes making photos when surrounded by meat, has 9 children, cooked a dish for Di Caprio himself, Rihanna was spotted wearing a T-shirt with his portrait on it.

Notwithstanding his popularity, Nusret keeps on working hard as before: “I grew up in poverty, and since the age of 14 I used to work as a butcher’s assistant for 13 hours a day. Now my life has not changed seriously in this respect — I still work since the early morning till midnight.”

Former nanny

Cindy Kimberly, 4,9 million followers

Cindy had worked as a nanny for 3 dollars per hour until Justin Bieber occasionally came across her photo on Instagram and wrote: “Oh my God, who is she?” The next day she got tons of Direct messages from model agencies.

“I was so touched when I saw Justin was looking for me. I have been his fan for 6 years already. Sometimes my friends even joked that one day Justin would hear of me. My life has changed so much! When everything happened, I was shocked and did not know what to do, but now I am used to all this.”

No doubt the former nanny had a hard time, but she did it. Let’s get happy about her if we can.

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Old Girl

BBY Baddie, 3,8 million followers

“I have been stealing your men since 1928” — that is her slogan. This beautiful old girl has signed a contract with a company which produces beachwear, and has been invited to the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony 3 times already.

So, while you think if you are allowed to wear rhinestones and mini length or not, Baddie Winkle is making money with it and does not care the public opinion.

“I love having fun, but I have never thought that posting my photos on the Internet is so amusing.” The world adores this 89-year-old Instagrammer who prays for her haters.

Kind doctor

Mike Varshavski, 3 million followers

He just had his Instagram account and posted pictures of himself wearing a medical uniform. Everything started when a Buzzfeed journalist noticed him and offered to organize a photo session for him. After the “You Really Need To See This Hot Doctor And His Dog” post was published, Mike was “torn apart” by his female fans and mass media.

Notwithstanding the popularity, the guy has not rushed to become a model but is upholding his family’s tradition: “I was watching my father build relationships with his patients. He was responsible for their state of health and for the health of their families. He showed me that was possible to work and earn money and at the same time to do more — something that can better this world.”

Christmas miracle

Emanuele Fasano, 7+ thousand followers

This very simple and touching story could be a movie scenario.

That all happened in Italy. A young musician missed his train, got angry, and started playing the grand piano which was at the station. By a quirk of fate, a local producer heard him play and posted a video of it on social media. And even if Tom Hiddleston has not played this guy so far, Emanuele has already signed several beneficial contracts.

Do you still doubt if you should post that very photo? Of course, you must do it! You never know how things will turn out.