Instagram today: demographic data

3 min read
13 November 2018

This article is useful for all who want to boost their Instagram organic reach or just prepare an advertising campaign. It is time to clarify what kind of people use this social network today. If you understand the demographic situation, you will also understand how to deal with these users, what they are interested in, and what content is the best for them. Literally: “Upgrade your page and make it more successful”.

So, let’s go. Let’s boost the reach as much as possible.

We all know that more than a million users are on Instagram daily, and this number grows every day. People under 35 are 70% of Instagram users, and they represent about 800 million active accounts.

Here is a demographic age chart:

  • Age of 13-17: 57 million (7%)
  • Age of 18-24: 270 million (32%)
  • Age of 25-34: 270 million (32%)
  • Age of 35-44: 131 million (15%)
  • Age of 45-54: 68 million (8%)

Plus 24% of teenagers: they affirm that this network is their favorite one.

By the way, people aged 50 to 64 use Instagram 18% more than in 2016. And it cannot but make happy not only their children and grandchildren but also marketing specialists. There is no ageism. To the contrary, the audience is delighted about posts of older generation representatives. That’s why grannies and granddads register their accounts with pleasure to show their lifestyle. And this is amazing.

According to the Instagram gender demographics data, women are more active than men, as usual. Approximately 39% of women use Instagram one way or another, and men are 9 points behind. We hope that everybody will be active in 2019. But there are exceptions: there are by as much as 20 million men aged from 18 to 34. Note this, if you are a marketing specialist.

By the way, it is good to know the geographic data as well:

  • USA: 120 million users
  • India: 67 million
  • Brazil: 63 million
  • Indonesia: 59 million
  • Turkey: 36 million
  • Russia: 33 million
  • Japan: 24 million
  • Great Britain: 23 million
  • Mexico: 21 million
  • Germany and Italy (10th place): 18 million

To mention in passing, the income data of the network is diverse. Here you can find low-cost brands as well as luxury goods.

For example, the account of Zara has over 28 million followers. They regularly post outfits looking stunning and expensive which do not really cost much money.

How many Instagram users have a degree? About from 36% to 42% of them have a university or academic degree in different fields. 29% are high school graduates.

60% people say that they find new products and services on Instagram, and it means that recommendations, search, and fresh ideas work for the majority.

If you have already updated your targeting settings, it was the right idea. Trends change very fast, and every day new users join Instagram, and they affect the overall picture, so do not lose time and follow trends —this is everything you need to be successful at advertising.