The Most Important Social Media Trends to Know for 2022

5 min read
20 May 2021

What influences trends?

Digital life

The trend of 2022 is social distancing. Therefore, we must get used to living in a new reality, both individuals and businesses. People get lots of new habits, such as online activities, online life, online parties, online shopping. The pandemic will disappear in a while, but some tendencies will remain, for example, grocery order.

There is a similar situation with cinemas; they went online: premieres of movies, TV series. The same thing happened to education and work. This process is called uberization.

Uberization is when you can do anything you want using an application.


Businesses try to operate with minimal effort. Now many specialists are being fired because there is no more need for their skills. To save a job, make sure that you don’t get into a situation when your absence does not change anything in the company. The story ends for companies where people spend hours in the office: spitting at the ceiling, drinking coffee, sitting in the meeting rooms. Only efficient companies will stay afloat.

Online learning

Of course, online education is actively developing because people should learn something new to change their profession, complete their studies, or improve their qualifications and skills. Therefore, there will be many online schools, coaches, and teachers. From an SMM point of view, this is not very good. Now countless people study SMM, targeting, social networks, marketing, digital marketing, or promotion. They all enter the market and offer their services. Naturally, everyone wants to earn a lot. Consequently, there will be many suggestions from inexperienced specialists. Employers begin to mistrust new employees, SMM specialists, and freelancers.

Remote work

Companies will now be more and more willing to hire employees for remote work because it is more convenient. Business leaders have realized how comfortable it is to work remotely. It seems that many people who tried working from home will not return to their offices.

Staff turnover

Even though many people have been laid off, there is a new opposite trend – you can find many new jobs and new vacancies.

Nowadays people change cities, professions, companies, the field of activity. Everyone has realized that it is not necessary to stay in one city, and there are many other exciting places to visit. Now people don’t have to work for many years in the same field — they can retrain quickly. Active, mobile people who grasp new information on the go, catch trends, easily adapt to changes will be very much in demand and successful.

Quality/price ratio

The companies that make products in terms of value for money will survive. Currently, it is crucial to create products that have a reasonable price and give more than competitor brands. Such products will stay in demand.

Process automation

Automation is about removing unnecessary processes, unnecessary people. All technologies related to chatbots will be in demand due to the ability to make automatic communications through neural networks and smart algorithms.

Social media trends


Undoubtedly, TikTok will be the most popular social network. It gives a lot of free traffic. On TikTok, you can get hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of views on your videos for free.

15-second videos

Video is now the most popular and demanded format on social networks. 15-second Stories, WOW-effect, interesting, and rapidly changing pictures – this is what will remain popular. Many people have attention deficit disorder — we cannot concentrate and stay focused on something for a long time. Social networks are actively using this now.


YouTube is the new TV, and it means the conscious consumption of content. Therefore, YouTube is either a TV show format or a documentary, journalist research, a piece of news. It also provides an entertaining and educational format.

Other social networks

What will happen to other social networks? Of course, the reach of publications will decrease. The reason is that people don’t have time to watch as much content as bloggers create.

Nevertheless, authentic and engaging projects will win. There is a lot of competition now. If you do something exclusive, customized, something that interests people, they will watch you. You need to attract the audience not with the amount of content but with its quality. It is vital to be on the same page with your followers.

How to be successful on social media in 2022

  1. You must be active and creative. The winners are multitasking, unique, and creative.
  2. You must be flexible and adapt to the circumstances quickly. The speed of reaction is crucial — how quickly you can follow market trends and adapt to market changes.
  3. Your product must give excellent value for money.

Human approach

Building trust between your followers and your account in terms of SMM and business is key. Human openness, kindness, sincerity – this is what matters in SMM because everyone is nervous and angry. Now people appreciate kind communication, friendly comments, building a dialogue, likes under the messages.

Cozy home

Next year, one way or another, people will spend lots of time at their homes. Therefore, everything related to household items, creating an atmosphere of coziness and comfort at home, will remain popular.

Uberizing everything

All spheres of our life will be transferred to the online world: delivery, orders, different services, consultations, assistance, parties, entertainment, leisure – anything that can be done online.

Delivery services

The next trend is delivery and online shopping. Everyone gets used to the fact that you can order the delivery of anything you want: food, groceries, dry cleaning, repairs, and so on. And the companies providing such services will definetly be in demand.

Domestic tourism

The borders will open slowly and gradually. There will be many restrictions associated with obtaining visas, permits, certificates, staying in quarantines. Therefore, domestic tourism will develop and will be in demand.

Micro activity

Microformats of entertainment will develop. For example, small parties, micro clubs, themed associations, small events.