Maximum reach: how to make posts which your followers can’t ignore

3 min read
3 April 2018

Hiring a copywriter to make texts can be expensive, especially when it comes to social networks. You would think: what is so difficult about making a post? You choose a relevant picture, write several lines - and done. But this all looks simple only at first sight. This is really different when it comes to the very posting, and many questions arise.

Where to start? How to hold followers’ attention? How not to overdo things? We have compiled 5 practical tips which can help make publications more attractive and increase your reach.

1. Idea of the post

Determine the idea of your post. You should ask yourself just one question before publishing: what is my post aimed at?

According to the statistics, users react more willingly to entertaining and educational content. Post jokes to make your followers have fun, give facts and figures about your job or hobby. Determine the idea of your post, and the aim will appear together with it: do you educate or entertain, tell the news or ask for some advice?

2. Length of the post

A long post ≠ a good post. Short posts boost your reach better. Make short but useful publications. Don’t let social networks character limits surprise you, especially on Twitter.

See the list of character limits on the most popular social networks:

Facebook – 63,206 character
Instagram – 2,200 character
Twitter – 280 character
Vkontakte – 16,384 character

3. Spelling and Punctuation

Grammatical mistakes in the text distract followers, kill their wish to keep on reading and undermine confidence towards brand and product. Do not lose your followers and potential clients torturing them with typos and mistakes– write posts correctly in all senses. For English, there is a free browser add-on – Grammarly (and the like).

4. Frequency

Do not publish posts too often – this way you can easily overdo it and occupy the whole feed of your followers. They will more likely unsubscribe from you than view each and every post of yours. Studies have shown that the best way is to make up to 3 posts a day on Instagram, from 5 to 15 - on Twitter and only 2 - on Facebook.

5. Photo/Video/GIF

Women love with their ears and your followers - with their eyes. Find a nice, bright and the most important - relevant picture for your post. A well-chosen illustration will help you not only draw attention to the content but also get an immediate “like” and spur to write a comment. Engagement is the key indicator of the success.

These 5 simple (at first sight) rules of making a post will help you create high-quality content. The road is made by walking, high-quality posts are made by practicing. That’s why do not give up if you fail to make a good post on the first try. Master your skills by each post and keep on writing.

None of these rules is mandatory and shall be observed without fail, (exactly the opposite – practice and breaking stereotypes will become a clue to good content) but they will help you start. Make experiments, try your own success formulas – creativity is not subject to any rules.