Most interesting brand Telegram channels

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25 September 2019

Telegram is an excellent platform to promote your business. The messenger helps deliver information ‘right to the user’s pocket.’ You use the smartphone to get information, so you need just to put it out and read the message. Telegram is a service that allows you to take advantage of creating the target audience and promoting the products of your brand.

Reasons for creating a brand Telegram channel

The information is delivered very quickly

The contemporary user mostly gets acquainted with brands, orders goods, and reads news via mobile devices. To do it, you do not need to switch your computer on and go to a website (which can be displayed incorrectly on smartphones unlike Telegram).

Telegram is becoming more and more popular

Here is the data according to TON Whitepaper: - The total audience has superseded 80 billion people. - Every day about 70 billion messages are sent via Telegram. - The 52-billion audience uses more than 800 thousand bots. - The total number of channel views is 30 billion per month. The total number of Telegram users is over 200 million.

The quality of the Telegram audience is higher

Followers of the messenger are more appreciated than those of Facebook communities, for example. The matter is that a person starts following a channel willfully if they are interested in it. And they receive new message notifications. If you can use this aspect to your advantage, you can not only find the right approach to your audience but also increase sales and attract new customers.

How do famous brands blog on Telegram?

  1. The Washington Post

The Washington Post is a news-making and broadcasting company which was founded in 1877, Washington DC. You must have heard about the well-known same name newspaper. It is popular due to focusing on politics.

How The Washington Post blogs: the company uses the platform to spur people to consume more of their content. They publish brief announcements of detailed news stories. They make about 5 posts daily. The Washington Post selects the hottest and most topical news stories to make its followers grasp information easier if they do not want to monitor the news feed.

It is a convenient way of retaining the audience, which does not have enough time to consume all your content. The digest format is not new, but it is rather interesting in the view of the Telegram channel.

  1. TED Talks

The TED conference is one of the most well-known in the world due to its catchy videos. That’s why you do not have to think much to make up a topic for your channel. Inspiring conference videos showing specialists from different fields, who share their knowledge about the world, appear every day here.

How TED blogs: They use Telegram as an addition to the YouTube channel. The brightest and most interesting videos are duplicated here with a link to YouTube. On average, one post is viewed by about 1500 people. It is a good solution if you want to attract a new audience via a new platform. Thus, TED makes followers who possibly do not spend very much time watching YouTube videos indirectly watch new posts appear on the YouTube channel.

  1. Netflix

This is a channel for Netflix movie and TV series fans. It is quite logical to offer to online TV lovers a messenger as another content source.

How Netflix: The creators of the channel do their best and post content of various types every day: from links to their freshly released projects, ratings, and reviews to palls, pictures, posters, and photos of their favorite actors and characters. The channel focuses on various types of content and topical information at first hand: here you can learn about the dates of forthcoming releases, get acquainted with behind-the-scenes material, and get a cool gif about your favorite TV series.

It is a good way of making the product more interesting and informing the audience about novelties of the messenger it already uses. So, followers do not need to go to Netflix to learn interesting news — the company has already added all attractive information to the Telegram channel.

  1. VINCI

The developers of the VINCI messenger have created a channel blockchain beginners and advanced users. They focus on true facts, knowledge that really matters, and relevance.

How VINCI blogs: To show their expertise and keep the audience interested, the channel is focused on niche information. The channel is focused on niche information to show the expertise and keep the audience interested. There are print media and video interviews of specialists, links to various kinds of research, other interesting materials, and much useful information of different types.

This Telegram channel is an example of how to use this platform as a brand blog. Here you can find everythingе: useful information, humor, and niche news. You can hardly expect your target audience to visit your business blog always. So why not to publish your content on the platform your audience visits already? That was the insight that inspired VINCI to create its telegram channel.

If you still doubt about creating a Telegram channel, we hope these examples of brands which have one, will convince you to create your own. If you find a unique idea or invent a new way of being interesting and useful to people, you can get a really large audience. And doesn’t it sound great in respect with your business promotion?