SMM for beginners: skills you need to have

5 min read
8 September 2021

What skills do you need to have to manage accounts and promote projects in social networks professionally? Let’s gain insight into the skills you must possess to become an SMM professional.


SMM is about writing texts. You should be able to write a good deal: informational, entertaining, and educational posts as well as advertising posts for targeting. You must be able to express your thoughts in texts, write in a correct and literate manner, and, most importantly, you must be able to write quite a lot. If you plan to get yourself busy with SMM, you will have to run 2, 3, or 5 projects. Just imagine that you have to write at least one post for each of your projects. It’s a minimum of 5 texts, each having from one thousand to two thousand characters. That’s why your writing skill is the first skill that needs to be improved.

How can you learn to write good texts for SMM? Read at least one book on modern copywriting. And at the same time, start practicing this skill. Set yourself a task to write at least one post for your account every day during a month. Such training will improve your writing skills seriously.

Graphic editors

Figure out and learn how to use graphic editors: main search tools and ones to work with images. You must learn how to find pictures and edit them. It’s not about complicated Photoshop and retouching — it’s cropping, cutting, combining two photos, and creating collages.

You need to do simple graphic things like creating banners with text, overlaying emoticons and text.

Setting up accounts

You should choose those social networks with which you plan to work. You may try all of them in the beginning and then focus on those which you find easy to work with. And those social networks which are advantageous for commercial promotion. And it is necessary to study their settings properly — how to set up a personal profile and groups, write and change your status, avatar, and header, and activate applications.

You can figure it out yourself, or you can watch video guides on YouTube. Be it Instagram, Facebook, or VKontakte, they all have their specific set-up tricks.

A selection of helpful services

Nowadays, if you work in SMM, having just one graphics program, Word and, a browser to work with Instagram is not enough. There are a ton of other services to help you and simplify your work.

For example, there is a special bot on Telegram developed specifically for Instagram, which divides texts into paragraphs, checks the number of characters and the number of hashtags. There are also services for finding suitable hashtags, various services for parsing and advertising, and services that help work with the videos.

First, you should find at least one good online editor to use for working with graphics. You also need a scheduled posting service allowing you to work simultaneously with all social networks without copying and pasting the same thing every time. A hashtag search service is a must if you work on Instagram or YouTube.

Content plan

It is good to learn how to generate ideas on what to write about, how to write about it, and what stuff to use for filling up your profile. At that, it does not matter what kind of topic you will write about. You have to learn to do it for your brand, corporate accounts, shops, and B2B businesses.

Just practice: choose ten companies from different business areas and try making a content plan for each. By doing that, you will improve your content planning skill.

Searching for a target audience

First of all, you need to learn to understand the client’s target audience, be able to discuss it with the client, and find a solution. It often happens so that a client has his vision of the target audience, but in reality, it turns out to be completely different.

You should learn how to search for a target audience and be able to attract it.

Target setting

Modern SMM is impossible without a competent target setting. Being simply active in social networks doesn’t bring any results since your goal is to attract the target audience. You should not limit yourself to setting the ads — but you should understand where your target audience is and what tools you will use when searching for it: targeting, advertising via bloggers, or advertising in some group posts.

Learning to use tools like User-Generated Content (UGC) for attracting a target audience is vital. Users will generate content themselves — contests or flash mobs. Nowadays, it is not enough to keep smart profiles on social networks. You should be able to search for a target audience and attract it.

Routine work aimed at results

The eighth and final point that will allow you to become a professional is to achieve the same high-quality result every day. SMM implies constant routine work. You should not simply be able to make a couple of posts, create an account and launch a target. You should learn to achieve permanent high-quality results, be able to create not only a one-time killer feature, only once run a contest or make a cool post, but to do it all the time regularly.

How to become an SMM professional

The best way to become a successful SMM professional is to start with yourself. Promote yourself and your projects, do something useful for your friends-entrepreneurs. Try to help them, get busy with a few of their projects, and find out what you can do more or less successfully.

Set yourself a challenge - take good care of your account for a month. Produce content, take photos, maybe videos, post stories, and do it on a daily basis.

Modern SMM is not about creative thinking — it is more about routine work that needs to be done properly every day.