Telegram Premium: how to activate a subscription and what you get

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28 December 2022

As the creators of the messenger say, the premium subscription on Telegram is a way to support the app and help to keep it free for most users.

New features will become available for all users within new releases.

What functions does Telegram Premium provide?

Asterisk and disabled ads

Users who have paid for Telegram Premium get an asterisk. It is displayed next to the name in the chat feed and when viewing the profile. Such users do not see built-in Telegram advertising in chats.

An asterisk next to the user’s name

Higher limits

It allows uploading files and media of up to 4 GB. Previously — users could upload only files of up to 2 GB. All users can download them, not only Telegram Premium subscribers.

Faster downloading speed: downloading and saving files is as quick as the speed and stability of the Internet connection allow.

Other changes to limits. A premium user can:

  1. Link up to 4 accounts.
  2. Subscribe to 1,000 channels.
  3. Create up to 20 folders, each containing up to 200 chats.
  4. Pin up to 10 chats.
  5. Pin up to 10 favorite stickers.
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The decryption of voice messages

Premium users can quickly read a voice message if there is no way to listen to it. To do this, click on the button → A: the text will appear under the message. The user can copy the text from the audio.

If a message is long, the text is decoded immediately: the phrases appear on the screen at the moment of recognition.

To rate the transcript, please do as follows:

For iOS, tap on the message and hold;

for Android, tap the area next to the message.

Feedback will help the team to improve decryption accuracy when further refining the product.

It is what a recorded audio message looks like

Transcript of the audio message: you can copy the text

One can rate the transcript to improve accuracy

Stickers and reactions

New stickers from Telegram artists appear every month. With a premium subscription, you can send dozens of stickers with full-screen effects visible to all users.


Unique emoji reactions are available👌😍❤️🔥🤡💯🐳🌭. If a premium user responds with one of them, any other user can increase the number of these emoticons.

Chat folders and archiving

With Telegram Premium, users can change the All Chats default folder to any created one. For example, the Work Chat folder.

To do it, press and hold the desired folder, touch the Change order button, and drag the new folder to the top.

Enabled automatic archiving is available. You can configure the automatic transfer of new chats from ‘not on your contact list’ to ‘Archive’ via the Settings tab > Privacy and Security section > Archive and mute option.

How to pay for Telegram premium

The ways to pay for a subscription vary.

Start chatting with the bot and follow the instructions to pay for Telegram Premium via Premium Bot.


Why is Telegram Premium helpful?

The Telegram Premium functionality is helpful not solely for regular users but also for bloggers, journalists, experts, and brands.

The main advantage is the decryption of audio messages. There is no need to be distracted by listening to audio: the text of the message will appear on the screen after pressing → A.

The text is easy to edit. It may be interesting for bloggers who record messages for their SMM managers and journalists who receive comments from an expert. No wasting time decoding — users get the final result faster.

Higher limits — for example, uploading files up to 4 GB instead of 2 GB allows creators to exchange zip archives, videos, and all files for work fast.

Presumably, Telegram will offer several plans so that users can choose necessary functions and skip others.

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Such a unique business model is a backup for the future, as the messenger plans to continue updating features that make the app more convenient for solving work tasks and for everyday communication.

Telegram is more than just a messenger — it is an ecosystem. The launch of Telegram Premium will allow testing of payment systems and features and improving internal algorithms.