How to monetize your Telegram channel: 10 Ways to Go

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20 June 2022

Telegram takes over all other messengers and social media. This one application covers all users’ daily needs: to communicate, read live news, rest, and entertain themselves. And what matters the most — Telegram has succeeded much in gathering the able-to-pay audience. This material is about how to monetize this messenger.

1. Affiliate marketing

You can post referral links to online shops like Amazon, for example, to attract user attention to such products. If a user follows the posted link and purchases the product — the author gets their premium. Do not forget to put a phrase like ‘sponsored material’ in the post description.

2. Advertising postings

You can also advertise brands and bloggers. For example, you can do weekly columns with a list of recommended channels, shared posts or interviews, stories on new launches, or posting on upcoming campaigns, sales, and special offers. As of May 2022, official ads by Telegram are still being tested and cost a lot. Ads on Telegram channels look like native material, and there is no such phenomenon as banner blindness. Therefore, users click and follow links more often if the post is attractive to them.

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Built-in statistics for Telegram channels: 10 graphs

The statistics allow you to see the information about the reach, the followers’ peak activity, viewing sources, and other criteria.

3. Goods and services sales

It is a good idea to update the description of your channel and tell your value. Make a detailed post about your goods and the ways to buy them, pin it in your feed, or tell people about your services and give contact details.

4. Private channel

You can create a private channel — this is an option for the case if you are ready to give additional content to your followers. For example, if you are writing a book — you can publish its draft on this channel, and your followers will be the first to read it.

5. Donations from your subscribers

After you have built a loyal and engaged audience that actively gives likes and comments on your posts, you can activate the donation feature. It might be as regular payments or a one-time scheme for collecting money for some specific goal.

6. Educational products launch

You can create a separate Telegram channel for every new educational group and post video lectures, audio messages, text materials, guides, books, or illustrations there. You can also create video meetings and Q&A sessions there.

7. Promotion on Telegram consulting

As soon as you have created a Telegram channel, your audience has overcome 10k subscribers, and you have mastered all the twists and turns of promotion, you can start earning money by sharing your experience with others. You can consult on which market segment to choose, how to make a content plan, and how to promote a channel. You can also create and sell stickers.

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Using a Telegram channel for business

Let us tell you why it is never too late for creating a channel on this popular messenger.

8. Telegram bots

It does not take too much to make a bot, the task itself is pretty effortless, but it does take understanding, experience, technical background, and creativity. If you can make Telegram bots for your own needs — you might offer such services to other companies.

9. Telegram channel modernization

You can help companies and bloggers create content for Telegram channels and promote them. Assistants, as a rule, generate topics for content, do posting, communicate with subscribers in comments, analyze statistics, and prepare and launch ad campaigns.

10. Telegram channel creation and reselling

And yet another idea is to create a network of channels on the hot topics for businesses, develop them using experience and knowledge, and offer them for sale to brands and bloggers later on. It is way more efficient and less time-consuming to buy a ready-to-go channel than to develop it from scratch making all the mistakes possible.