Visual identity on Instagram: trends, styles, and aesthetics

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23 February 2022

Visual identity is about your photos, graphics, and video. First-rate visual content is a great deal for your success on social media. It’s vital but not crucial, though.

What makes visual content exceptional?

  1. Pay attention to the technical characteristics of your photos and videos, such as definition, intensity, composition, and color depth. You aim to get a nice, bright, deep color high definition picture with properly arranged compositional elements and without visible pixels.
  2. The style of your design elements matters a lot — choose fonts, colors, and decorative elements carefully. High-quality visual content is not just about a sophisticated photoshoot and high-profile photographer, but also about general style: a set of colors and custom elements that catch the eye and fall synonymous with you.

When do you need visual content?

  1. Visual content is vital for success if your product is not about tech-specs or performance but rather about visual attraction, for example, clothes, jewelry, accessories. The core part of your success will depend on the attractiveness of your photo/video content and whether it has a wow effect on your potential customers.
  2. The beauty industry is all about visual content. If you are a stylist or a designer — your Instagram account and other social media must be impeccable.
  3. A personal brand is also about visual content. Others perceive you by what you and your photos look like and what surrounds you. The visual component is your сфддштп card for the audience.
  4. Hi-tech goes side-by-side with visual content. Hi-tech is aesthetic, beautiful, modern, and artistic by default.

Visual content in action

Wow effect

When a picture or a video makes you think: ‘I want that!’ — it is the wow effect. When you scroll your feed — and something catches your eye and makes you emotionally charged, this is also the wow effect.


Visual content induces emotions. We see a picture or a video, and we start thinking — ‘This is the place for me!’, ‘I wanna feel the same as those folks in the video/picture!’. We stick to that idea, feel the moment — and want that emotional experience.

Role Model

We scroll the feed, we see the photo, and we might think: ‘I want to be the same kind of a cool guy!’ or ‘I have to look like that too.’ We see someone we want to be alike.


It is not the wow effect, but rather something that provokes your audience without them knowing the exact reason for what is happening. Provocation works well, but not for all businesses, definitely.

How to make first-rate visual content?

A cohesive style is a must. That means your colors, fonts, and visual elements look harmonized, and nothing is mixed. Even if you cannot afford to use the services of a professional designer at the moment, try to do your best and stick to one font and a narrow set of colors.

Your photos and videos must be of high quality. A picture taken by an old smartphone will not work — any low-definition image is irrelevant.

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It’s crucial, but somehow, many people forget or even don’t know about it. Before taking photos and planning your feed

You are not just providing a product — you are giving emotions to your customers. Pictures, photos, and videos deliver your mood, emotions, feelings, and the atmosphere of your product.

Visual identity is not only about your product. It is about the ecosystem of the product — its consumption, performance, and the people it is created for.