Instagram Videos and Reels - What is The Difference & How to Use Them

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14 March 2023

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms in terms of users. According to the data, Instagram has around two billion active users who use Instagram at least once a month. What makes Instagram a great platform is its ability to upload various kinds of content.

Although this platform was initially developed for photo-sharing, now it allows users to share videos and reels, which helped it attract a wider audience. As a result, it assisted both Instagram content creators and ordinary users who only use it as entertainment.

For example, it allows content creators and brand owners to create and share content and reach a wider audience. At the same time, it also helps users enjoy diversified and engaging content. And with time, Instagram reels and videos have become integral to users’ social media experience.

This article will explore the difference between these forms of content available on Instagram and how users can utilize them.

Let’s start with the basics!

Instagram Videos

Instagram feed videos are amongst the most popular types of content on Instagram. According to a report by DataReportal, around 69% of Instagram users use this platform to upload photos and videos. With the help of videos, they share their moments, activities, tutorials, arts, memes, etc. No matter why people share those videos, they get a lot of engagement on the platform.

The videos you upload on the platform should have at least 30 FPS and 720 pixels. That’s how Instagram promotes high-quality content on the platform. Users can upload video files for up to 60 minutes with a maximum size of 3.6 GB. On the other hand, the recommended aspect ratio is 9:16 and 1.91:1.

These videos are shown on the Instagram feed. So if a user has missed any video, they can go on the uploader’s feed and check it from there.

The platform also has strict guidelines for video content. If someone violates the Instagram content policy, it can delete the content, disable the account, and put other restrictions.

Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are a feature of Instagram that permits users to create and share short and entertaining videos. The reels have a duration limit of 90 seconds. Initially, Instagram allowed users to upload reels for up to 15 seconds. However, first, it enhanced them to 30 seconds, and now they can upload reels with up to 90 seconds duration.

Instagram allows users to record and edit reels using the Instagram app. In editing, it permits users to add music to the videos. It has a vast library of music and audio that users can select for background.

Moreover, it also allows users to choose and add effects and text to videos. In short, it also works as a video editor for content creators.

Many brands and influencers rely more on Instagram than reels as they know they quickly reach a wider audience than videos. Instagram shows reels to users based on their interests.

Whether you have followed an account or not, if the reel is public and matches your interests and user behaviour, Instagram may show it to you. That’s why most brands invest a lot in Instagram reels, as they know their content could reach their audience without paying for them.

Differences Between Instagram Reels and Videos

Instagram reels and videos are two similar kinds of content with minor differences. Here are those differences:


The most significant difference between reels and videos is the time limit. Users must summarize the video within 90 seconds in reels, as they cannot exceed this limit. On the other hand, Instagram feed videos can go up to 60 minutes.

Access to Editing Tools

Instagram provides access to its exclusive editing tools to reel creators. As mentioned above, Instagram allows users to use its music library, video effects, layouts, and other editing features to reel developers. On the other hand, the feed videos


On Instagram, reels can enjoy many views and a broad reach compared to feed videos. This is because Instagram algorithms show reels to users based on their interests, and that’s how reels provide a tremendous reach to brands and influencers. In contrast, as the videos are shown on the feed, not on the explore page, users have to follow a person to get access to their videos.

How to Utilize Instagram Videos?

Whether you are a brand, an ordinary person, or an influencer, you can use Instagram videos for your brand or personal promotion. Constant efforts and quality content can help you reach a broad audience within a very short time.

Here are the tips to perfectly utilize Instagram videos:

Get Ideas from Other Content Creators

First, you must analyze how your competitors or other influencers use Instagram videos for their promotion. For that, list top influencers, download their videos, watch them repeatedly, and get ideas about how to create your content and reach your audience. Although Instagram doesn’t provide a direct downloading facility to users, you can download videos using an Instagram video downloader. It will allow you to download anyone’s content within a few seconds quickly. Once you have those videos, you can easily discover what kind of content you should create to gratify users’ needs regarding content.

Be Consistent

After getting ideas, now is the time to create videos. However, you may not get instant results on Instagram. You must not stop creating content. You will surely reap the fruit if you stay consistent in your efforts.

Consistency is key to organically growing your account and attracting many viewers to your content.

However, you must maintain quality in any case. When you compromise on quality, you will start losing your followers, and Instagram algorithms will also not show your content to people.

Leverage Hashtags

Hashtags are like keywords that define your videos and enhance your visibility. You must use relevant and highly used hashtags to reach a more targeted audience. Then, whenever someone uses that hashtag on an Instagram search, Instagram will show your videos in the result.

That’s why you see most content creators use a lot of hashtags. These hashtags provide organic views to Instagram videos and help Instagram content creators reach those interested in a specific kind of content.

How to Utilize Instagram Reels?

Instagram reels can make you or your brand go viral within a few days. However, it only helps those with unique and quality content. Additionally, it provides many benefits to those who know how to use them effectively.

Let’s see some tips for utilizing Instagram reels:

Follow Trendy Topics

Like TitTok, trends on Instagram frequently change. Those who follow these trends can get a lot of views from Instagram users. If you also want users’ attention, follow every trend related to your interests, and you will gradually observe a hike in the number of followers.

To monitor trends, follow the Instagram accounts or influencers who follow or set trends. The moment you realize a new trend has emerged, create reels on them. That’s how you can enhance the reach of your account.

Analyze Influencers’ Work

For Instagram reels, you can also get many ideas from other content creators’ work. In order to do that, you need to download Instagram reels using an Instagram reels downloader. Once you get their videos, you can find out their keys to success.

Moreover, you can cut some clips from their reels and add them to yours for references or create a collage video. Additionally, you can also pick the audio from their videos and create reels using the music or their dialogues.

This practice can help you a lot in getting views and followers.

Emphasize Quality

Quality is one of the first demands of most Instagram users. In this competitive world, only those content creators can survive who provide high-quality content to their viewers. When it comes to quality on Instagram, it means that you have to work on your content and the quality of your video.

Users have many options on Instagram; if you don’t provide quality content, they will unfollow you and never watch your videos. So, to gratify your viewers’ needs, you should always provide the quality content they deserve and want.