What texts on Instagram should be like in 2024: neural networks, creativity, competition

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13 December 2023

Instagram texts play a crucial role in grabbing the attention of your audience. Especially now that this platform’s algorithms are paying close attention to them again, adding context to help convey the idea of publishing on a deeper level.

Posts are the unique voice of a brand or blogger that form the author’s or company’s identity. Texts initiate discussions, evoke emotions, inspire, and become a bridge between subscribers and the brand, building a community.

3 Trends that Help Shape Your Content Strategy

To create a successful content strategy, you need to know how the algorithms work and what the platform’s goals are. In the year-end keynote, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri explained that the platform’s priority for 2023 is to ‘bring people together for what they love.’

Instagram plans to focus on three areas:


Instagram’s goal is to inspire users to express themselves and be original. The Meta is moving towards prioritizing the promotion of original content.

Personalized feed

Instagram wants to help users find content and authors that inspire and, therefore, encourage them to return to the platform. So, the developers focus their efforts on developing such algorithms for the recommendation system, thanks to which everyone can find interesting materials for themselves.


Instagram is actively engaging users to interact with each other using Direct Messenger. If a person chooses this messenger for correspondence with friends and family, they will likely spend more time on the site itself.

What will differentiate Instagram texts in 2024

  • Conciseness and clarity. Time is one of our most valuable resources. Therefore, avoid florid and boring texts. The shorter and clearer it is, the more likely the user will read to the end and appreciate it: give a reaction, save it to Favorites, and leave a comment.
  • Uniqueness and relevance. Considering the large amount of various content, it is vital to stand out among other Instagram users. Texts should be original and reflect the personality of the account. And we are not talking about technical uniqueness when the text is ‘100% unique’, according to checks in online services. Meanings become prominent: storytelling, personal insights, and insider market information.
  • Comfortable text layout. Paragraphing, the appropriate use of emoji when it doesn’t make the text feel like it consists only of emoticons, thematic hashtags that help users find the content they are interested in and be parts of various thematic communities — these seemingly simple nuances increase the readability of texts and increase engagement.
  • Emotionality. Users want deep stories that make them feel part of an event or community.
  • An expert is a personality. Users want to read deep stories that make them feel part of an event or community. Professional achievements and ‘useful’ posts (tips, picks, recommendations) are excellent, but your personality and voice (values, mission, charisma) come first.

Which Instagram text post formats are worth including in your content plan

Engagement and coverage rates are closely related. For the algorithm, views, comments, and subscriptions are a signal to spread the post further: the more people interact with the content, the more likely other users will see it on their feed.

In early 2022, Instagram heavily focused on short-form video content, which meant that brands had to prioritize this format because videos significantly promote an account organically.

A little later, platform officials noted that this may have been a little too extreme an approach. They confirmed that the priority for Instagram is to find a balance between Reels, Stories, and text posts.

  • Text cards in a carousel. This format lets you put more text in the post and give visual illustrations. Such a post is a full-fledged detailed material on the topic, which is reposted, saved, and forwarded to colleagues.
  • User-generated content. No matter how catchy your team’s content is, user-generated content (UGC) can outrank even the highest-quality branded content. User-generated content adds authenticity to an Instagram account.
  • The help of artificial intelligence. Chat GPT is an algorithm that uses a neural network to generate texts of varying levels of complexity. This tool allows you to write texts that include keywords, which helps promotion from an SEO perspective.
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