What to put in the profile bio link if you have no website: three unconventional options

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16 March 2022

On Instagram, you can put an active link only in your profile bio — in posts, all links are inactive. The only way to insert a link to a third-party resource is the profile bio. You cannot write much about yourself in the header because there is a limit of 150 characters, and the link is a great way to attract people and get them to subscribe to you.

Video introduction

A video introduction is a short 1- or 1,5-minute video where you talk about yourself, what you do, how you can help, and why one should subscribe to you. For Instagram, it is better to shoot a vertical video. Then upload it to your IGTV profile. Put the link to the post in the profile bio. In the last line of the header, you can write: “Watch my video introduction.” The video is more appealing for people, and after watching it, people are more likely to want to subscribe to you.

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How to find ideas for new content

Where to get ideas for new content? You need to identify tasks your audience is trying to solve, their pain points, address their concerns and objections


A multilink is a way to put more clicks on different resources or other social networks.

Depending on the tariff and the service, you can change the view of the page. From the simplest to the most advanced - a page can look like a full-fledged landing page, a one-page website.


A chatbot is a service that automatically sends a message to your subscribers on various messengers. For example, you can create a mini landing page on the chatbot service to distribute some of your guides or checklist. To get this guide, people need to press one of the following buttons: messenger, Viber, or Telegram. When they click on the messenger, the chatbot automatically adds them to the newsletter in this messenger. This way, you can create a mailing list base and a subscriber base to send news about your promotions, the market launch of your courses, etc. Of course, you should not spam people in messengers and send them something every day because they will take it as spam. But you can still talk about your excellent promotions or remind subscribers about your blog once a week or once every two weeks.