Where to start and how to create a YouTube channel: the first steps of a video blogger

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5 January 2022

The first thing that many people want to do is grab a camera or smartphone and start uploading videos. You don’t need to do that. Blindly trying will not bring you success. YouTube’s algorithms work in a completely different way.

YouTube gives priority to those channels that make content regularly. It means that to test whether your topic will work or not, you should create and upload not only one or a couple of videos but 8-12 videos. Only after that, you get a small result.

Should you hire a camera person or shoot yourself?

So, the first thing you should think about is making content regularly. Think about creating the video: shooting, editing, making covers, writing descriptions, and uploading. Can you do all this yourself or rely on other people entirely? It is necessary to calculate how much it will cost you and if you can upload a video for six months every week or not.

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How to properly run a YouTube channel?

What can be your long-term goals, and how to avoid mistakes when developing a YouTube channel? Learn the answers to these questions in our article.

If you are going to create videos on your own, you should make sure that you have good lighting, a camera, and time for editing. Keep in mind that creating one short video usually takes 12-15 hours.

Another option - the simplest one – is when the operator removes and edits everything for you, and you only have to upload the video to the channel. But this is a question of how much money you can spend.

The topic of your channel

Here you need to depend on the main goal - what do you want from YouTube, why do you need a YouTube channel: do you want to promote yourself as an expert, promote your business, or just make money from advertising or your hobby. Or maybe you want to make a YouTube show. The topic will depend on your goal. If you wish to make money from advertising, you need a specific format. If you want to promote your business, you need another one.

It is necessary to learn what content is popular on YouTube, who is doing what, what formats they have, what videos are about, and which videos get the most views from competitors. Analyze the information and think about how you can improve the existing content. Find out what new and helpful content you can offer to the audience.

An important point: if there are no videos on some topic, this does not mean that you urgently need to run into this niche and no one has occupied it yet. There is a high chance that this topic is not attractive to anyone.

YouTube advertising

Advertising on YouTube costs differently and depends on the quality and ability of the target audience to pay. YouTube checks who follow your channel: children or adults, men or women, paying audience or not, active buyers on the Internet or not. YouTube analyzes all the information.

If you create a YouTube channel to make money from advertising, choose a paying audience where advertising is expensive. For example, everything related to business, finance, development, investments, real estate, and other finance topics. If you make entertainment content for students, children’s content, advertising will cost much less.

The first steps

When you have decided on the topic and method of creating content, the next task is to make a certain number of videos at once, for example, six to eight videos that you will upload. Upload two videos at once, at the start, and then every three-four days, publish new videos. Get ready to work consistently. And don’t forget to check the recommended YouTube video size.