Business on the Internet and SMM in 2024: which social network is the best for business promotion

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29 January 2024

The best social networks for promotion


TikTok stays with us forever. And, naturally, it would not hurt to take advantage of this. Anyway, we will have to work with this social network.

Now it is one of the few social networks that provide free traffic, a free promotion opportunity. It is a unique opportunity that, of course, you had better not miss.


YouTube is the largest social media platform in terms of engagement rate. On YouTube, people spend not minutes but hours during the day. If you want the user to spend a lot of time on your content, of course, you have to go to YouTube.


In terms of the amount of money, the advertising market, the cost of advertising, the leader here is, of course, Instagram. Instagram has the largest advertising budget. People spend much here, but also, they earn a lot here.


VKontakte is still the leading social network in Russia in terms of the number of users. And if you, for example, operate not only in Moscow but also in other regions and cities, then it makes sense to use this social network.

How to choose a social network for promotion

  1. Use targeting. Targeting helps you set up your target audience and check its volume: how much of the target audience you need surfs in each social network. Choose the one with more potential customers.
  2. It is all about content. What kind of content can you and do you want to do? Entertaining? Informative? Short or long videos? What can you talk about, and who might be interested in it?
  3. By the scale of your business. What kind of business do you have: global or local? For example, if you are the owner of a coffee shop in some city, why create a YouTube channel? You don’t need the whole country. It is necessary to find people from this city with specific interests — your target audience. That means YouTube and TikTok are not the best choices for you. But Instagram and VKontakte are perfect because you can run local advertising campaigns there. But if you have a company that deals with solid fuel boilers and you want to sell all over the country, then why not create a YouTube ads account? After all, YouTube is a platform that gives you reach all over the world.


How to choose the perfect social network that suits your project, business, and tasks:

  1. Do not listen to marketers, but study indicators, statistics, trends, and the specifics of the social network on your own.
  2. Use targeting to gauge the size of the audience you can reach.
  3. Assess yourself in terms of content creation: what technical and value opportunities you have.
  4. Choose what is important to you: local traffic or global coverage.