5 Instagram celebrities to lift your spirits

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20 November 2018

To lift your spirits a bit this autumn, we have compiled Instagram celebrities which will help you cheer up and stay fit mentally and physically.

Will Smith


If you still do not follow famous Will Smith, you lost a lot. He literally consists of positive emotions, you can even feed on his energy through the screen of your mobile.

In September he turned 50 but he still sets the world on fire. You will get tired liking posts of him parachuting, skiing and water skiing, doing parodies of his son and just playing tricks on his friends and relatives. The man is not a star-ridden person at all, and that’s why we love him even more.

So, look at him sitting on a toilet on the 154th floor of the highest skyscraper in the world located in Dubai. And what else one can do there?

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson


Biscuits, little pug, multicolored manicure.

No, it is not a girl’s Instagram account as you might have thought, this is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in person. Actually, there are many muscles on this account. No, not exactly so. Like this: MANY MUSCLES! There are tons of them. And all those tons are covered with tattoos.

If you are not motivated to get off the couch and work out, explore his account.

P.S. Do not worry about his manicure, it’s his daughter who paints his nails with markers.

Celeste Barber


Celeste is like an antidepressant. You will find the whole Hollywood on her account because Celeste does parodies of celebrities. Here you can find Mila Jovovich, Jennifer Lopez, and even Justin Bieber.

Brilliant self-irony, lack of complexes, acerbic jokes— this is all about Celeste. Wet her panties with shower like Rihanna? Lay down in the mud like Gwyneth Paltrow? Go out wearing the revealing leggings like Kim Kardashian? It’s not a problem. Celeste can do all this. Let alone her runway shows…

This autumn Celeste Barber is exactly what the doctor ordered to cure your depression. Explore her account ASAP.

Sylvester Stallone


An old ox makes straight furrows, you know.

Sly is an active Instagram user and he will entertain you with scenes from movies, pictures of boxing fights and his own work out videos. Count how many pull-ups and push-ups he can do at his age. Sly lives according to the principle: try to achieve much but be a realist and know what you are really capable of. And he also paints a lot at his garage.

So, you see, we love him so much.

Jim Parsons


Of course, we can’t do without Jim Parsons, this cutie from The Big Bang Theory! In real life, the actor adores tennis and baseball and often attends matches together with Kaley Cuoco. By the way, Penny is Parsons’ favorite character.

And just look at his funny doggy. Follow him, and you will have fun watching Rufus on your feed quite often.

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Whatever they say about how social media steal our time, they can give us much in return. Just follow those who make your day a little bit better, inspire you and make you happy. Generally speaking, clear you feed ?