5 reasons why users unsubscribe from your Instagram

3 min read
9 March 2016

You did a good job. For the past six months you have responsibly written scheduled posts to your accounts, picked the best photos, personally edited videos, tried to impress the subscribers by interesting contests, but then noticed a strange trend of people unsubscribing from your Instagram. Let’s find out why.

Annoying ads

The main reason why subscribers unsubscribe from your account is advertising. Direct, hidden, urging them to buy a product or order a service. Especially when it comes to Instagram accounts of stars who sell advertising on their Instagram. At first users may not notice that, then they will forgive, but in the end they will hate the account for the advertising attempt.

Frequent posting

Another reason to unsubscribe from you is too many messages. Users especially don’t like when several photos at once are posted in the feed. Especially monotonous. Over time, subscribers will unconsciously begin to flip through your photos in the feed, and in the end they will click on the “Unsubscribe” button. To avoid this – defuse the content. As an experienced SMM specialist you can make an original photo session with 30 pictures and correctly allocate in the feed by using scheduled posting for Instagram.

You can add monotonous content in the “frequent posting” category. Your rampant selfies are not interesting, unless you are Selena Gomez.

Emotional messages

People in social networks grow up very quickly. What they were interested in a year ago, now they would call childish. This directly affects the emotional component of your content. If yesterday people thought your negativity was a trend, now they’re tired of it. If yesterday your life philosophy was interesting, today, you look like an author of bad romance novels to them.

In this respect, the content must be original and comments should be objective. Especially if we are talking about the account of a brand. Do not give too many emotions about the dawn, breakfast or the weather. You should especially be careful in assessing news events.

Compliment trap

According to analytics for Instagram one of the main reasons why people unsubscribe from your blog - your photos are fishing for compliments. This mostly applies to personal accounts. Subscribers understand that they are trapped and they are used for positive feedback. “You are so beautiful”! “You’re sweet”! “This is the best child in the world!”. Try to deal with the vanity and not to fish for compliments.

Ignoring comments

If you are managing a brand Instagram account, the main goal of social network is involvement of users. Therefore here the contact with the user plays an important role. Ignoring comments is a clear reason to unsubscribe from your Instagram. And vice versa - the better you are at communication with subscribers, the more they trust you. Remember how Justin Bieber was looking for a stranger in his Instagram? And he did it.