A story of one Instagram. Tips for Jesus

2 min read
3 February 2016

We continue our rubric, in which we tell about interesting accounts from around the world. Today the story is not about professional marketers, the power of brand and thousand Instagram managers; today it is about an anonymous community of people who have gained 100 thousand subscribers in their account.

The story of @tipsforjesus began in September 2013. Some person traveled in USA and left huge tips in random cafes. He told about the amount of the check and tips in his Instagram account. For example, here’s the first photo of nobility. The anonymous person has left the waiter $ 3,000 with a bill of 87 bucks.

Account grew with subscribers so quickly that after six months all media, from BBC to FOX, told about the “rich”. It became known that it is not just one person but a whole community with a simple ideology - to make ordinary people happier.

Not only pictures of checks are published in the account, but also happy owners of these tips. During the first six months of @tipsforjesus work (if you can call it work), the team left in random venues over 130 000 dollars. The benefactors are easily recognized - they always sign their check «Tips for Jesus».

Naturally, a lot of rumors appeared around the secret society. The media started to investigate who is the initiator of such generosity. Even the name of Jack Selby, former PayPal President, was called. However, the businessman did not comment these conjectures.

The activity of the account depends on the calendar. After two months of silence, the guys from @tipsforjesus can post 3 photos in a row and collect rave comments. Content tactics totally violate the truisms of specialists, but this is another proof of the talents - subscribers are not hurrying to unsubscribe from the interesting page.

Analytics for Instagram shows that with its 100 thousand subscribers, one post on the “Jesuses” Instagram account collects an average of 2,000 likes and nearly 100 comments. By the way, comments are one of the reasons to subscribe to an interesting account.

P.S. @tipsforjesus Instagram is a vivid example of how not just interest, but also gossip can grow around crazy ideas. Instagram for this community is just a translator of actions. If you want to make an interesting account, first, create the idea and embody it. You can implement some ideas in just a couple of days, and after two months inject them into your account using the Instagram scheduled posts. Be ideological. Onlypult to help you.