Copywriting: tips to help you improve your writing skills and create good content

3 min read
26 January 2022

There is only one situation when text is unnecessary — when a picture speaks for itself — or a video reveals the message you want to share with users. In all other cases, you need to write something, tell your followers something, share your thoughts. Here are some tips to help you to create a catchy text.

Less water

The heading and first paragraph are the essential parts of the text. Therefore, there is no need for a long introduction — start with telling the story directly. The headline and the first paragraph should immediately grab your followers’ attention.

Simple language

Try to write the way you communicate with friends and family. Don’t try too hard - it will sound uninteresting. Use simple words and easy-to-understand language when writing. Social networks are about live, informal communication. Therefore, even if you have a serious topic, communicate at the same level with your target audience.

Proofreading texts

If a sentence does not have semantic importance and you can understand the main idea without it, the phrase changes nothing — you can delete it. Try to remove all verbal junk. By the way, you can check by listening to the text. If you read your text out loud and make no slips of the tongue or pauses, and your text sounds like a normal conversation, then you have written a good text.

Text volume

Write as much as necessary to get your message across. If you can fit everything into one paragraph, there is no need to write three, or, conversely, if you are missing one, write three ones. You do not need to write text for the sake of text. But avoid creating dull and bland texts. You can write a light-to-read text with humor, various options, stories, and questions.

Structure of the text

It is crucial that you do not have a single text canvas but structure your text to make it convenient and easy to read. And for this, you need titles divided into paragraphs. You can use lists. You can split the text to make it easier to read. Therefore, it is imperative that when you have written a large text, try to structure it, break it up into headings, into lists, and work on formatting it.


The text can be depressing or positive, joyful or sad, very serious and harsh. But what you write needs emotions because only they cause feedback. If there is no emotion — no one will read bland and soulless writing. Nobody will try to argue with you, write a comment, give feedback. It doesn’t matter - you have an online store, personal blog, corporate account - there should be emotions in the text.


Your text must be literate - this is a rule of good form. The audience is sensitive to grammatical errors. Therefore, you better play it safe, check everything several times, run the text through online editors that allow you to check both spelling and grammar.