Digital immortality

3 min read
12 February 2019

Have you, Regular Facebook and Instagram visitors, ever thought what will happen to your accounts when you are gone?

There are heaven and hell for souls (it is presumed so, of course!), and what does Zuckerberg offer for our virtual “alter egos”? Who will take care of our pages when we are gone? The topic is sad but very important, that’s why you need to stay strong. All the more, the Facebook team has been working on it for 10 years already.

The hell for accounts which have no owners any more already exists, and it is created by common people - trolls and haters. Some people enjoy going to a page which has no owner and writing something bad. Please, do not do this, take care of your karma. And what does “heaven” look like?

Accounts which “go to heaven” date back in 2009. They were created like this: the relatives of an account owner sent a death certificate copy to the Facebook administration, and after that such pages became “frozen” but the possibility of commenting and posting on the timeline was retained.

That means that you cannot see dates to remember anymore, but you still can go to a person’s page and reread his/her jokes, look at his/her photos again and even write some kind words just to remember how you were good together. We think that it is a good idea. It is like a little personal immortality.

And what is really great is that this heaven has its angels.


Try to go to the Settings section, select General, and then find Manage Account — .

Who can be your legacy contact? Any person who has a Facebook account (we hope that this option will appear on Instagram soon) and whom you trust.

What a legacy contact can do:

  • He/she can update your profile picture. Yes-yes. That’s why we strongly recommend you to make a good selfie in advance to rid yourself of appearing in your friend’s dreams asking him/her: “Update that photo! I have a zit on my forehead in it.”
  • He/she can pin your best post or an obituary on the top of your timeline. By the way, you would rather also discuss it as far as you are still able to do it.
  • He/she can see your friend requests and add or ban potential friends. So, you still have a chance to get the cherished thousands of followers and become a millionaire (yes, once that very e-mail telling you have won a million will be a true one!). Who knows, maybe you will become an extremely popular blogger all of a sudden after you pass away. Never lose hope and believe in your dreams till the end and even longer! Yes, this is sarcasm.
  • Also, your legacy contact can post everything he/she wants on your behalf. We really do not know how to settle this matter, because if you even leave very much content, finally your friend will start posting everything that comes into his\her head: like romantic quotes or cat pictures. That’s why you should certainly choose a gifted person as your legacy contact, to save your name from being dishonored through the ages. Amen.

And now no more grief, it’s time to write a new post for the digital infinity that we all are going to pass to someday, “show must go on!”