How to become a blogger and gain followers in 2024?

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7 February 2024

Now people either want to get educational information or have fun on social media. Bloggers either entertain us or produce some valuable content for us. So, if you need to create qualitative content, there are multiple opportunities to do it because blogging is still relevant and in demand.

Choose a topic for your blog

Ask yourself – what do you like, and in what areas do you have expert knowledge? Analyze the market, and see what is in demand and what makes you happy. Also, ask yourself: if it is not going to generate any income and will only take your time, will you carry on doing it for a year or maybe even longer? If there are topics that you are interested in and that you are ready to write about for free for a couple of years, then blogging is right for you.

Best social media platforms for blogging

What platform to choose? First of all, it should be a social media platform where you spend most of your time.

Second, it depends on the type of content you will create. Think about what you will do — write poems, record videos or musical tracks, make vines, share helpful information, write long guides or books, share screencasts from your phone or computer, or record educational videos. Once you decide on the content you will produce, the choice will narrow down, and it will be easier for you to decide on the platform.

Another question you will need to answer is whether you have an advertising budget or not. It will also influence your choice of a social media platform.

Last but not least: where is your core audience, and what social media do they use? What is the age of your audience? What language do they speak? Are you going to create content in a foreign language? Analyze your target audience to find answers to these questions, and it will become clearer to you what social media to use and where to start your blog.

What content to post?

First of all, you need to provide some value. Your content should be interesting, desired, and in demand.

The starting point for your decision should be your skills and things you can do professionally. Secondly, you need to think about your audience’s preferences and what content they want to see. Thirdly, think of a medium to communicate your message: text, video, sketch, music, art, etc. Maybe you should start a blog instead of recording videos on YouTube. Answering all these questions, you will know for sure what content to make.

How to promote your blog?

Advertising and targeting can be helpful in this respect. You can run ads, buy ads, and do mutual PR.

Giveaways and marathons

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Giveaways and their potential danger for your account

As you are one of the sponsors — people will start following you just to unfollow you after the giveaway.

If you do not mind having a lot of dead weight and an unengaged audience, have the resources to participate in various giveaways, then giveaways can also be a way to promote your account. Just note that first, the audience that will follow you will not be interested in you at all. Second, if you participate in one giveaway, you will have to participate in giveaways for the rest of your life because you will always have to compensate the people who unfollow you. Otherwise, the statistics will be terrible, and people will be completely unengaged.


The third way to promote is scandals and hype. It is a way to make the audience pay attention to you.

It is not a method for everyone, but only for those who can create some newsworthy events that will make people talk about them. Many bloggers succeed at creating such newsbreaks that are even covered in news programs sometimes.

Promotion through content

In fact, great content attracts an audience. It can be a slow process, and it will not work on every social media, but if you do something outstanding, people are likely to notice it.

Good content and advertising

Good content works best in conjunction with advertising. If you make this kind of content and add a bit of advertising, it triggers the mechanism when the audience comes, starts talking about you, starts sharing your content, because they are really impressed with the content you are making. It is a good start if you want to make money blogging.

It is not as difficult to become a blogger. The only thing that is hard is to stand out, make good content, carry on for a long time, and not give up in a week’s time.