How to find Reels trends

3 min read
20 October 2022

Instagram stories are gradually fading into the background. Bloggers and brands actively engaged in Reels when the feature was launched are already enjoying rising statistics. But the interest in Reels is only increasing. Let’s figure out how to get into trends.

3 Important Reels updates

1. Videos up to 90 seconds

With a 1-minute video, it was possible to show a short sketch. Now there is more room to free your creative ideas.

2. Interactive Reels

Now, one can use sliders with emojis and GIFs and conduct polls and quizzes. Full-fledged tools to make short videos interactive.

3. User audio recording import

The functionality that most users dreamed of is now on Instagram. It is easy to import your audio recordings into Reels.

The Templates feature has been launched. It allows you to save time on video cutting significantly. Users select templates they like and regard suitable for the desired type of content and add their videos.

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Instagram Reels vs. TikTok: what to choose and how to promote

The article helps you choose the platform if you are only starting a channel and advises promotion options.

How to get into Reels trends regularly

The question is still acute: how does searching for trending videos and creating relevant content help you get to the top?

Analyze the feed

Mark and save audio tracks for which users receive the most reactions. Use the saved audio track when creating your next video.

View Reels of top authors

Select 20-30 accounts relevant to the topic of the promoted account. Check the Reels feed and select 10-15 of the most viewed ones on each profile.

Track the top TikTok songs of the week

The trends of short videos on Instagram come from TikTok, so to be among the first creators to get into the Reels trends, it is worth analyzing popular TikTok content.

Check popular Reels hashtags

Hashtags are vital for the promotion of the created video. Track which of them are popular this week or this month in different countries, and use them in the content plan.

Consider the opinion of the audience

Study statistics —which of the already created and uploaded Reels that the platform recommends, and create similar content. Note the reach and the number of views and reactions: comments, reposts, and likes — are also crucial.

Shoot talk videos

The 90-second video is an opportunity for experts to shoot educational content, the popularity of which is growing. Follow the rule: one Reel - one topic.