How to increase your reach in Stories in one month

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23 June 2022

Recently many bloggers and accounts faced declining reach in Stories. It is a trend that influenced everyone.

The more Stories you post — the fewer views you get during the day. That is why we don’t recommend posting many Stories. Moreover, it takes a lot of time and effort. Your reach will never be equal to the number of followers anyway.

What should you do?

  1. Post fewer Stories. Publish only interesting content that will engage your audience.
  2. Increase the time between Stories. Take 6-7 hour breaks in between new Stories. You can publish 3 Stories a day but make them catchy.
  3. Interact with your audience. Reduce narrative content where you only share information. Post interactive content, ask your followers’ opinions, and communicate with them.
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How to increase your Story reach: 10 ways

Instagram is interested in making as much money as possible on you. It wants you to spend as much time on the app as possible.

All these things will allow you to increase your reach in Stories. The audience will see you less, and your content will be more anticipated. Your followers will start giving you more reactions, write comments and answer your questions.

Note: take breaks. You can take days off two times a week and post nothing. Before you post anything, think if what you are about to post is interesting for your audience, if it is worth your followers’ attention and if they will be happy to spend some time watching it.

Another key thing here is communication. Avoid just sharing information — interact instead. Stories are an interactive format, after all. Your interaction will allow you to reduce the number of Stories, improve their quality and increase audiences’ engagement. The less advertising you have, the more efficient the advertising is.