How to increase your Story reach: 10 ways

5 min read
2 December 2021

Instagram is interested in making as much money as possible on you. It wants you to spend as much time on the app as possible. Your time is its money. Therefore, all your interactions in Stories are crucial for the Instagram algorithm: how much time do you spend on one story, whether you keep your finger on it to read something interesting, do you scroll through or return to the beginning, or leave the stories. Let us look at several ways to increase your reach.

1. Using stickers

The first thing that comes to mind is to use all kinds of stickers in your stories: voting, polls, emoji sliders that followers can drag — everything that a person watching your stories can click on. Each such click will tell Instagram that you probably have catchy content. But do not forget that voting should be interesting. They should all match the content you are posting. And, of course, do not use it in every story because, at some point, people will stop getting involved.

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Instagram stickers for business: how to use them

Now users can order food, share their favorite brands with their followers

2. Prizes for voting

Another non-standard way to use voting stickers on Instagram is to give prizes for voting and participating in polls to people who did so. It can be some simple guide for your services, or a helpful lesson, or a checklist.

3. Using everything new

Everything new that Instagram gives in updates, you should use in the story first. It is the effect of novelty. Subscribers will ask where you got these stickers, new features, etc. Accordingly, the number of direct messages will increase, and this also increases your reach. Instagram loves pushing users to try new things. Programmers and developers tried hard, came up with new mechanics, new things, and stickers. And, of course, they want as many people as possible to know about these new features, so using something new will add you a little more reach.

4. Tags

Be sure to tag everyone involved in the pictures or video, geotags of places where you are taking the story. It is how you appear in people’s messages. In addition to the participants in the process, of course, you can also tag bloggers. For example, share with your followers the bloggers you follow. Using tags actively is a chance to get into their feed.

5. Break-in Stories

A break does not mean disappearing from Instagram for a month. You need to Instagram regularly: Stories - every day, posts several times a week. But when you no longer have an active circle around your Stories, Instagram will always show you to more people.

Essential advice — never return to a story after a break with the repose of someone else’s story. It is the way to put the reach down.

6. Shorten the duration of stories

A tricky way to increase your reach is to shorten the length of your Stories. Typically, a photo story on Instagram lasts 6 seconds, and if it is a video, we have 15 seconds. However, using a standard photo editor, you can split talking stories, for example, into shot cuts of 7 seconds.

Thus, a person will not expect the video to end quickly and will watch it to the end. And this will already be a signal for Instagram that your stories are catchy to people.

7. Diverse content

No one is interested in watching 10 talking heads in a row. No one is interested in looking at your silent walk if nothing happens in the shot and you tell nothing or a photo without any text.

Change the content if there is a video on one story, make the next one with a picture, change to text story, use links, repost, voting, sticker, or surprise your followers with some interesting fact.

8. Hype

People love intrigue, scandals, investigation. Let us say it is not your type of content, and you have a highly intellectual Instagram with well-shot excellent stories, and you cannot go for this approach. But we can put it differently: what is so attractive, and at the same time, quite controversial you can tell on your topic?

9. Typos and Errors

People love to set other people right. They think they are smarter than everyone else, or they only want to help you. You can make non-obvious typos, something unoffending, but though, this is a sure way to increase the number of reactions to your Stories slightly.

10. Storytelling and intrigue

Share with your followers what is going on in your life. For example, you are getting ready for a wedding or a birthday. You are preparing for the photoset: you show the stages of preparation, your communication with the stylist, how you choose clothes, and the location. Most likely, it will last for several days, and people will be interested in how your preparation will end. Sure, they will most likely be interested in seeing the result. Since they have already seen what you are preparing, they are interested in how it turned out. It is not a very easy way because most of the time, life is chaotic. Still, it is worth keeping some plan in your head about how you will tell stories about your life.