How to post reels with Onlypult

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22 December 2022

Reels are short videos on Instagram. Videos get posted on your profile feed. As opposed to stories, reels stay on your feed forever.

Reels are a low-cost way to promote yourself, but at the same time it is one of the most helpful tools. Viral videos appeal to the audience and raise loyalty to your brand. The high outreach of such videos shapes visibility and helps you attract new subscribers.

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Reels algorithms: how to get to the recommendation page and set trends

In our guide we will review the main rules for promoting Reels and discuss potential minefields when working with this type of content and algorithms that will let you get to the Explore Page.

How to upload Reels via the Onlypult dashboard

Log in and go to the Publishing page — you’ll see all the accounts linked to your profile.

Choose Instagram and the profile you want to post reels on. They are Add post, Stories, Reels, and IGTV buttons on the upper menu.

Upload your video and add a description and the first comment if it corresponds to your content strategy.

Choose the By click option in the Add label section to see the performance rate for each heading.

Reels are now on your feed. The videos you want to work on later are in the Drafts tab.

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Instagram Reels vs. TikTok: what to choose and how to promote

The article helps you choose the platform if you are only starting a channel and advises promotion options.

What Reels are of interest?

You can pick ideas for your Reels on TikTok, as this is the trend-setting platform currently. The most popular themes for short videos in 2022 are:

1. The other you

Show the other you the way you have never shown before. You might come up with a character and give them a different name.

2. Nostalgia for the past

For example, you can show how the way of clothing has changed over the years. You might start with a photo of your childhood or of you a couple of years ago and end your video with your recent photo showing all the changes.

3. I-love-myself manifesto

Look straight into the camera and give a short text with self-care affirmations.

4. Lip-sync

A video with you doing a lip-sync of a funny audio track from a movie, series, or a YouTube video describing a typical life story.

5. Questions and Answers

Answer the questions you get from your subscribers with lines from popular songs.