How to promote a Telegram channel apart from advertising

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1 November 2022

Direct advertising is a vital method of promotion, but it isn’t always the best approach for amateur bloggers and small brands. In this article, we will talk about paid promotion methods that you can employ before buying paid advertising.

→ Promote your channel on social media. Make sure to accomplish the link to your channel with a short description featuring some reasons to subscribe to other social media. It is especially relevant if you offer exclusive content you don’t share on other platforms.

→ Actively participate in communities. Find out about the existing forums specializing in your field or Q&A platforms such as Quora. When you publish an article, mention a channel — but make sure it is not against the community rules.

→ Run challenges and share free material. Offer material that will generate leads - checklists, guides, and books. Run challenges asking people to follow your channel — provide easy entry requirements.

→ Participate in public speaking events specializing in your field. By actively participating in the discussions, you promote your channel intensively: the answers should be detailed and show your expert knowledge to spark the interest of those who randomly see your comments and encourage them to follow you.

→ Add your channel to a channel catalog. They feature the most active channels:, Best of telegram, Telegram Channels. They all have a category list to make it easy for users to find interesting content.

→ Personalize your channel with Telegram stickers. Stickers help you improve brand awareness and increase channel engagement. You can create stickers with the help of Telegram bots: follow the instructions and save the pack you are making.

→ Cross promotion. Choose some popular accounts in your industry and suggest cooperation. Mutual PR works very effectively: the most important thing is to choose the channels and bloggers whose audience has a similar profile to your target audience.

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