How to run social media effortlessly: content planning for the lazy

3 min read
15 June 2022

Show what you do

When it comes to the reach, engagement, and conversion rate, it all depends on content. If your content is not catchy — you will have low reach and engagement. The reach won’t be growing even if the number of followers is growing, people will stop seeing you in their feed, and algorithms will never show your account on the recommendation page.

Maybe you have already tried all types of schemes. You have written an annual or monthly plan or even bought ready content plans (it is a bad idea, because the plan written by someone else will never work for you), or any other possible solutions — but nothing seems to work. You may resort to a good simple solution — show thing that you do — but from a different perspective.

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How to find ideas for new content

Where to get ideas for new content? You need to identify tasks your audience is trying to solve, their pain points, address their concerns and objections.

You can demonstrate the work process, a ready-made product, or how you approach a particular process. It shouldn’t be as well structured as planned content. Just take your phone and start filming. The main secret of success is versatile content: video, photos, backstage, workshops, and people’s feedback. Show people what you do professionally, the way the processes run, and how you prepare for events and festivals, do not hesitate to show what is behind the scenes. It attracts the audience, and you will get high engagement rates.

4 principles of easy-to-make content

  1. The most important in this approach is to add diversity to your content and its formats. Try showing different photos, videos, situations, products, and processes to interest people.
  2. It is also important to create light content, not overloaded with excessive information. We recommend creating entertaining content that also performs its commercial task by showing the processes, products, and stages of their production.
  3. The third crucial moment is to be sincere and demonstrate empathy. Content and comments should encourage communication and increase trust.
  4. Last but not least — you should choose an appropriate format. How to demonstrate things that you do? Should you use photos or videos? What do you prefer to film? Do you like your content to be done from the first-person perspective or show a general picture? Do you have narrations or don’t? Do you add music or a slide show? Choose the format that is the most organic both in terms of production and demonstration of messages you want to send.

If you create content genuinely and put effort into it, apply empathy and produce various content — people will start following you, watch your stories and get involved.