How to start promoting on TikTok

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20 January 2022

Step 1: Create a business account

Where to start: You need to create a pro account. It is similar to a business or creator account on Instagram. It will allow you to monitor statistics and analytics data more accurately.

Step 2: Get an account ready

As on all social networks, you need a simple, easy-to-remember nickname, not just user_300028762405. You need a nice profile picture and a short description of what your TikTok will be about or who you are, and why users should follow you. And it is better to attach links to Instagram, YouTube, your website, or other social networks.

Step 3: Post regularly

The most important thing about TikTok is consistency. Of course, it is vital on both YouTube and Instagram, but on TikTok, you need to publish a new video every day, and preferably a few videos. Sometimes it can be just an answer to a question, one of your insights, or a product display. You can shoot many videos at one time, then save them as drafts and post them every day use the best time to post on TikTok, so that even when you don’t have time, you can share content.

Step 4: Choose relevant hashtags

Hashtags on TikTok are not as important as on Instagram or YouTube. Here you can skip them at all. But if you want to add hashtags, but only relevant ones, that is, those that fit the topic of your video. It will not affect the promotion of your video in any way. But if you include thematic hashtags, it will help TikTok understand what kind of content you have. Don’t put more than five hashtags — many hashtags are not good.

Step 5: Use trending music

Trending music is the music that is actively used now and is gaining a lot of views. It helps promote your video as well. You can get into a recommendation only because you use some trendy sound. You create a popular video in your style for it.

Trends are videos where people do challenges, essentially repeating the same thing. If you somehow apply the challenge to your area, you will be one of the first — this is also a plus for promoting the video.

Step 6: Communicate with your audience

You came to TikTok not only to express yourself and show your creativity but to find a new audience. Therefore, write the first comment yourself. Ask a question, make a joke. So, people will look at your account and see it has a comment already. The user will feel more comfortable and also write something. The more comments a profile has, the better for TikTok promotion it is.

Step 7: Reply to comments

Respond to comments to build a community on TikTok. People will see that you are answering questions. Accordingly, your followers will be sure to ask questions and get answers in the videos. You can also make video replies. Sometimes video responses to comments get even more views than the original video.

Step 8: go live

КWhen you already have the first thousand followers, you can go live. On TikTok, live streams are not scary at all. At first, you most likely will not have anyone or two or three people at all. But over time, as you actively run your TikTok, there will be more and more people on the live stream. They will be able to ask questions. Live has donations. If you make high-quality content, you can find your audience there. Interesting people, meet someone, you can find clients, earn money, because if people like what you do, they can drop gifts, and you can change gifts for coins.

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How to go live on TikTok

TikTok Live is a live stream video of a TikTok user.

Step 9: make short videos

Keep videos short. Now on TikTok, there are videos of up to 3 minutes. There has long been a function of minute videos. But first, we recommend that you stick to the strategy of 10-12-second videos, 15 seconds — maximum. It makes it easier to keep the audience’s attention. People are more likely to watch your video to the end. Short clips are easier to shoot.

Step 10: Create unique content

Your uniqueness is the key to your success — nobody wants perfectionism on TikTok. People love TikTok for its variety. You can do whatever you want there, express yourself however you want. Even the most unsuccessful videos, in your opinion, can get into Recommendations and give you followers. If you have a sense of humor, use it in your content. It will make your content better.