How to write a post if you have no idea

4 min read
27 November 2018

You need to write a text and your brain is getting tired instead of working as usual? There is always a way out, guys. We are going to save you right now. Take your pen and do not hesitate to embody 5 non-obvious ideas for the occasions when you have no idea at all.

Hold a poll

This is an infallible method, and it can help you write a text in a few minutes. And for Facebook you even do not need to look for a picture, you can just create a poll like this: “What should I cook for dinner today a sunny side up or a scrambled egg?”

And that’s all. You have a newsworthy event, your followers are voting enthusiastically and provoking each other while you are quietly finishing an interesting post for which you can find a topic below.

Think of holidays

Go online and look for a holiday. For example, December, 15 is Real estate Agent’s day. Voila!

Now you just need to recall funny/sad/thrilling cases related to estate agents or dwelling—and a post is ready. You can write about how you rented or leased, sold or bought. Even about Karlsson who has been your favorite character since childhood, because he lives in a penthouse. Not to convert a post into a Wikipedia article but make it user-friendly and readable, write it in the way you can address it to your best friend.

What are the trends?

What season is now? It’s almost winter, right. Write down 10-20 topics related to this season.

For example, what to do in December: what to wear, what to read, what films to watch wrapping yourself in a blanket. And, by the way, where to buy this very blanket.

And this time is a lucky one in general. For example, SMM specialists can earn a living on posting mulled wine and gingerbread house recipes and telling how offended they were when they realized that Santa was wearing their fathers’ slippers.

Gather the leftover

Each self-respecting blogger has an archive where he stores ideas, sketches, drafts, other authors’ great articles, motivation texts, etc. don’t you have such a file? Create it right now.

Prepare yourself to the fact that the ideas mentioned above will come very unexpectedly. Write down or record them. Do not be ashamed of doing it at any place: running track, cafe, taxi, hairdressing salon. Do you really care what people around think about you? You are a creator and you are creating right now!

Look through these drafts more often. Sometimes one of the unsuccessful texts that was not published can be turned into a brilliant piece of writing.

Take an interview

A lifehack: if you send your questions via a messenger or by e-mail to someone you are interested in, you will receive an almost ready material: an asked person will write you everything himself. And you only need to write an introduction and make up a title.

Do not be afraid, a person you ask for an interview will be pleased and do it willingly. In the 21st century you can ask any person from a neighbor to a celebrity to answer a couple of questions, thank God everyone has an e-mail.

Where to find interesting questions quickly? Of course, in other interviews. Use the internet, it is a real treasure! E. g. Esquire, a good example illustrating that even Leo Tolstoy can be interviewed:

However, the experience shows that a great post topic is right in front of you, that’s why look around. The most important thing—not to see how many calories it contains.

And if your muse is not speaking to you right now, do not get sad. Switch to another topic. Do some squats, call your granny or walk your dog. You will write a brilliant text without fail, we believe in you.