I am a blogger: 10 skills without which you cannot get likes

4 min read
19 September 2018

Hi! You have changed so much, I haven’t seen you for ages. How are you doing? What do you do for a living?
Hi! I’m fine, thanks, I make publications on my blog and social media accounts: I post my articles and photos.
Blog? What is it? And does it bring you money? Is it a real job?

Have you ever come across such a reaction? If yes, since then you have preferred not to confess that you love social media most of all in your life and you can even make money with them. Now it’s time to assert yourself — stereotypes are not so sticky now as before, and the world is ready to change. Those should be ashamed, who are almost always offline, not you, so we have tried to pick up all things that a true blogger should know how to do.

Granny, close the door, I’m writing an important article!

Everyday writing skill

You should get used to writing all the time: in a traffic jam, in a queue, at a family dinner party keeping your notes out of sight, when having your morning shower, at the hairdresser’s, in the gym while your coach is sitting on your hips helping you master your splits. To be short, almost everywhere.

Being a blogger means being proactive in life and you must stay so 24 hours. Don’t you know that sharks cannot stop swimming otherwise they will die? We bloggers are like them: if you stop being active for a couple of weeks, do not even try not come back – everybody will forget you immediately.

Well, of course, it’s a joke. Come back by all means.

Photo making skill

How not to crop your head making a selfie, how to decorate your morning cereals with berries, how to make a photo of musicians during a concert, how to pinch the tip of the Eiffel Tower during your journey?

Thus, the rules of composition in photography and the golden ratio are your must-Google topics, because followers love with their eyes.

The skill of behaving like a model

How to look forever young, slim, and fashionable in a picture, how to suck in your cheeks, how to “hold” the sun in your hand? How to feel at ease when posing and how to make an impression like oh-I-was-suddenly-photographed-and-I-don’t-care-if- you-give-me-your-likes? It doesn’t matter that you may not want to do it, but you will have to find your best angle for pictures, because… Followers love with their eyes, you know.

Illustration skills

Of course, your long read will be read to the end even if it does not contain pictures and is not formatted properly… if you are, for example, a rock-star. Do not doubt, in this case, your text will be read and quoted by everyone. And since you are not that kind of person so far, look for captivating pictures.

Creative thinking skill

Use your brain, make up new sections, try new publication topics, look for interesting partners for cooperation, perform experiments. You need to be noticeable, attract attention and stir people’s emotions. Emotions are the blogger’s bread and butter.

Leadership skills

Yes, such skills are also necessary for you. It’s important to be yourself and express your opinion without even the slightest hesitation. People of this kind are very popular on social media. They are very much talked about, reposted, discussed in direct messages and on hidden forums. Haters will always be haters.

Cameraman skill

Video content is the most important. The text will be looked through quickly and forgotten, and as for the video, many people will view it more than once.

Do you have a cat? You must make a video of your cat sleeping. It doesn’t really matter that your blog is about finance — film your cat and increase your rating.

Time management skill

This valuable skill is about allocating your time so that you manage to write posts, reply to comments, visit a psychologist after being attacked by haters, interact with customers, attend events, and just have your rest lying relaxed and looking attractive at that.

Entertainer skills

A talented blogger always entertains the audience at least a bit. Entertainments are popular now, so use them to your advantage. People get tired of taking life seriously, learn to make them laugh and surprise, and they will be grateful to you for that.

Journalism skills

It is important to monitor trending topics and write while they are “hot”. Sometimes it means being at a date hastily recording materials for an article while your partner has gone to get some champagne.

In short, blogging is not easy. We have not even mentioned quick typing, diplomacy, literacy, knowledge of psychology and guerrilla marketing because it goes without saying.

And yes, do not let other people laugh at you, let them try to do themselves what you do. We are bloggers, and we demand respect.

Granny, where are you? I’m hungry