If they don’t follow — tell them your value!

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13 April 2022

So many people around — and so little time they can focus on something. Attention span cannot last long. Besides, a man of today lacks free time desperately. Thus, everybody from Netflix to bloggers is fighting to win your attention as the most valuable resource and keep you as a follower. Everybody seeks attention from the audience.

How to win the attention of the audience?

The simplest way to win attention is to be valuable. If you give value — you are worth following. It is when each author needs to answer the question: what is the value of my account, and why should they follow me?

It is the core question, and we tend to forget about it. Many of us focus on visual content, texts, packaging, or creating a course that we will further be selling to the audience. But, for some reason, we don’t think of the value we are giving.

Value is commonly mistaken for something material. Value implies always giving presents, cars, money, or having some contests or offering something (like guides, checklists, etc.) to your audience.

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How to become a blogger and gain followers in 2022?

Bloggers either entertain us or produce some valuable content for us. So, if you need to create qualitative content, there are multiple opportunities to do it because blogging is still relevant and in demand.

But the real value is not always about material things. Giving value is not giving presents. Value might be the sense you are telling or the emotions you are showing. Value can also mean following and admiring your lifestyle (if you are an actor, for example). Here is another example: you are a fan of some music group, and you are following this group not to benefit from it but to share its mindset. Yet another example: you get lots of helpful information, learn something new, get some answers — you keep following this author. An author makes you think of something — this also might be their value.

So, when launching your projects, think of your value and do your best to create it.