Instagram for photojournalism

2 min read
28 March 2016

Today journalism is born in social networks, from which it goes out to media resources, and then returns back to social networks. Instagram is not an exception. Often a publication on Instagram can cause hot arguments, quick decisions or just become a tool for reporting news.

In today’s world there are thousands of photographers, journalists and bloggers, whose Instagram accounts in fact became a separate media. Thanks to their efficiency and talent this people give subscribers emotions and a fresh view to the world.

One of the brightest representatives of this honest genre is the photographer David Guttenfelder. He showed his talent to the world a long time ago. However, David is remembered by specific projects, which made people consider Instagram as one of the channels of true journalism. In 2013 David went to North Korea, where for years he has been lifting the veil of secrecy of life of this closed country.

David himself admits, that there is a whole community of professional photographers whose purpose is to make interesting documentary photos for Instagram format. Thus photographers use this social network as a part of the work. By the way, in the same 2013 Time Magazine named David the Instagram photographer of the year. However, according to Instagram analytics, his North Korean publications gained 3-7 thousand likes, which is not so much even for an average user.

Another representative of the noble profession, who combines his work with activities on Instagram, is Matt Black from the USA. On his account he raises the issue of poverty in the U.S. 50 million Americans live below the poverty line, and numbers only won’t tell about the scale of the disaster. So Matt, armed with his camera, travels the country and shows communities and people who know what poverty is. By the way, Matt became a nominee member of Magnum Photos for his series of photos on Instagram.

There’s not much needed to become a photojournalist on Instagram. Just a simple idea. An idea, which is directly connected with a certain problem: ecology, natural disasters, children’s rights. You need to choose a topic, which would be relevant to you and grab your smartphone.

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